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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello - there's too much going on to blog at the moment so I suppose I'm following Travis' lead and taking a wee break.

Since my last post I've been working, had visits from family, been to visit family, had sad things happen to close friends and finally term has begun so I'm back at school.  I am happy, sad, happy, sad, busy, chilled, stressed.  High, low, high, low..

The combination of these things has left me uninclined to blog, so I will remove the guilt I feel when this pops up each time I log onto the internet, and will admit to suspending this for the time being.

I hope my friends are doing well, and I will keep up with what you're up to on the reader.  That will suffice for now.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The return journey

When I embarked on this trip it was fun.

I left on a whim at 2am to drive 350 miles south with the incentive of an amusing 'wind-up my parents' surprise arrival.

Now I have to drive back. My boyfriend has told me he may possibly be working til 9pm but he may not.... So if I arrive as planned I will probably have to hang around for 2 hrs before coming out again to collect him.

Not a good carrot on a much less pleasant drive around rush hour.
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It was the ratio I had wrong

Mum and Dad turned the mattress yesterday, and I tried a puffy pillow in addition to the flat one I prefer to sleep on usually. 

This had the result of making my head higher than my feet.  I suspect that without the big pillow the bed would have been just as bad as before (shh... don't tell the Olds), but with the correct pillow:mattress-squidge ratio a good night's sleep was had.


I am going to London to look at the Queen... ok actually it's to see my little brother who lives there.  Mum's coming too, and we're going to see the 39 Steps this evening.

This trip home has been a bit of a nostalgia tour for me, in that my parents are moving to Wales after 30+ years in the Shire and this will be my last visit to their old(current) house.

Over the last two days I have driven round for a look at the area and today's trip into London, something we did fairly often as I grew up, will be the last one I make from Milton Keynes train station.  To be honest that's not something I'll miss!

After today I need to head back to Glasgow, for the remainder of the school holidays are all filled up with a variety of enjoyable activities.  My boyfriend's family still live down here, so we'll have to come back down at some point. 

It's not a goodbye to the town - but it will be strange coming here to visit someone else's family.

Monday, August 02, 2010

A Good Sleep

How important is it for you to have a good night's sleep?

Generally it isn't something I worry about overly.

However yesterday I drove 400 miles to my parents' house overnight as a surprise, and had hoped for a decent sleep tonight.

I had not forseen that my parents had binned all of our beds (they're moving house).

They have bought a new bed and have kept their old bed - a double - which would be better than our old single beds in theory.

In practise, it feels as though your head is lower than your feet and you're lying downhill. I just couldn't get to sleep!

I ended up folding the duvet up on the floor and sleeping on that instead of in the bed under the covers.

So at 6am I'm wide awake and wondering whether to get up to begin a very long day with nothing to do, or to try the squidgy mattress again for a few hours.
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