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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hi - This will be my last post for about 10 days... if I can get on the computer later I'll try to make it a good one.

If not: I'll be back once my broadband is switched over. Tiscali say they need 10 days after you leave them to remove the 'marker' from your line. I think it's a big scam to try to make you stay. Not working.

So - have a nice time without me... max 10 days I hope!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lovable Playful 'Cuddle' Fish

I am thinking of getting fish (since my cat died)..... I'm not sure whether I like this touchy fish thing though or find it too odd....

What do you think?

Friday, February 23, 2007


At the moment we have 20 brownies and 2 leaders. We also have a unit helper who is 17. She is great - loves craft so that's that bit sorted!

Last year our unit was old and even our new starts were over 7. This meant that most of our Brownies moved up to Guides at the beginning of this year. Actually to be more accurate TWO of my Brownies started Guides, the others all just left with a variety of excuses eg. dance classes etc. This has taught me that I maybe need to do more work at bigging up Guides to the kids.

This year I have quite a young unit. This is mainly due to the Rainbows that started last year - we had a few move up and they've also brought new friends from school. We have two kids from last year, and the rest are new. Of the new girls, there are three 9 year olds.

Considerations for sorting out a programme for the terms:

The older kids have probably done most of the activities and badges already. The younger kids need quite a lot of help with anything complicated and I don't have any helpers. The older but new Brownies need to be challenged more.

Part of the Brownie programme is that the girls make suggestions and have input into what we do each term. I find this very useful, particularly as it helps me to see which of the activities/crafts we have done before have made an impression and that they would like to do again and which haven't.

One suggestion to make this easier to do has been to speak to all the parents and see who would help out. I have actually put a section on our enrollment details form for parents to tick to say whether they would be willing to help out. Sadly it is now February and I have yet to go through all the forms to sort out who is willing and who isn't, so I can contact them again and see if we could maybe work out a rota of some sort.

Apologies to anyone who is bored reading this - I found the TT this week really useful in helping me to sort out what needs to be done. It was great to have it down on paper(/screen) and to start working. Also Annelisa is a star and immediately offered her assistance - THANK YOU!

Overall at the moment I need to find an extra day a week. That would solve just about all my stress problems I think. One more day. Maybe two days - one to get organised, and do all the work I'm avoiding and one as a day off.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 12

Thirteen things I have to do for my Brownie pack (not that I'm using this to plan my programme... or using my programme which I have to plan anyway to get out of thinking about my TT...)

1 Sort out making repeating pattern art from 3 colours - Artist badge. Cut paper into squares so we can make it a big collage/quilt effect on the wall.
2 Check up on Cooks badge (need to check all requirements... biscuits made)
3 Collect in replies re: Bowling next week - regional competition to win a trophy end March
4 Book 'Go Potty' - end of year outing at the pottery place. The kids get to paint up a bowl/cup/animal and it is fired for them. Looks great at the end and they enjoy it.
5 Send off for accounting CD (from pack I was given in January...)
6 Sort out Easter egg craft (one of the Brownies suggested this one at our ideas night)
7 E-mail or write to Brownie leaders from down South home (see no. 12)
8 Look up Agility badge for Summer term.
9 Songs - need to learn some more Brownie songs as we've made the song books now.
10 Buy card and decorations for Easter cards
11 Hand in Accounts
12 May Day/St George's Day Exchange? Perhaps with an English Brownie pack - just letters etc. Thought it might be nice for my lot to learn some English traditions but can't just do that as I'm in Scotland and Scots hate the English (generally) - so this is one way to do it that they might go for! Also thought it might be nice for some Brownies down South to learn a bit about St Andrews Day/Burns Night etc and Scotland.
13 - you all being nice to me today? Or not reading properly.... I only just noticed I'd stopped at 12!!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I thought that you might want to know that my wee brother has let me down.

He did not make any boobs today as he was on a field trip and had forgotten..... He did try to make the cake at the weekend but was sidetracked by an episode of Magnum PI which meant that it burnt to a crisp.


Otherwise: That's the first two days of teaching over. Woo hoo!

At Brownies tonight we made cardboard pancakes which we planned to play games with, only they ended up far too beautiful and creative (wish I'd taken pictures) so they just took them home. By the time we could start games the Guides had brought some spare pancakes for our kids so they had pancakes with white choc spread and bananas to eat instead of pancake games to play.

We did still play ('fishes' but with pancake toppings instead of fish names and Tag) but I have one older Brownie who is getting bored. It's probably time that she went to Guides but she's not keen.... I'll have to try to persuade her I think as the commissioner (boss brownie) has told me we have 6 girls waiting to come up to Brownies from Rainbows and I'm already oversubscribed in our pack. There's only so much 'help the other girls' that this Brownie can do I imagine, before she quits the organisation!

So if anyone has any ideas for fun activities to suit 7 year olds that you can extend to challenge 9 year olds too - please let me know!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Five Things Meme (oven cleaning.... yuck).

Ok... Five things about me: (Cheers to Sanni for the tag x)

1. I hate cleaning - which is why I'm quite chuffed that the instructions on the oven cleaner say 'leave for 2 hours'.. Shame I have to put off the dirty bit, eh?

2. I have not cleaned the oven before. I have lived in this house for three years....

3. I hate people being late. It drives me nuts and I sit there waiting for them muttering grumpily about it.

4. I am often late myself (and am now coming out as a hypocrite!). Usually I'm late because I have the worst sense of direction in a car that you can imagine (except for my mother's - which is so awful you could almost listen to her and do the exact opposite, and probably end up in the right place).

5. I don't believe in God. But I'm going to church this morning. Hypocrite again? Not really - I have to take my Brownies as the church give us the hall for free - it seems only fair that I make the effort every now and again when/if they ask us to come along on a Sunday.

How's that?

I tag: (will finish this later)

Frolicsome Kid

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm not labelling this post!

My wee bro phoned me today to ask me how to make a cake to look like a pair of tits!! He then said "don't ask why"!

AS IF I CAN LAST MUCH LONGER WITHOUT ASKING THAT I thought. Sure enough I made it about 2 minutes.

I will tell you all about it on Tuesday (as it's a surprise).

I suggested making a simple sponge in a pyrex bowl (to create dome shape) then repeat, he suggested colouring the sponge pink which is a nice touch! The cake is then to be smothered in pink butter icing and a cherry will be placed on each 'mound'.

I am imaging this will be a wonderous creation... If it should be that he manages to get a photo I will post it.... (He better take me a pic!).


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

My top Thirteen nights out in Glagsow

1. Brel. This is a pub on Ashton Lane. It's a famous spot to visit on your trip to Glasgow, as it's a cobbled street lined with small shops and bars. There is also a little cinema and a couple of curry shops. Brel is a Belgian bar which serves great food (muscles being my favourite) but also sells interesting beers and has live music fairly often. There is an outside area (a hill slope) that you can sit on in summer... providing you are willing to scan carefully for broken glass and fag ends. This is my favourite pub in the city.

2. Auctioneers. Another pub - this time in the city centre. It's a bit of an old man style dive of a pub but they sell bottles of wine for a fiver.... so I'm happy!

3. Cinema - UGC (now Cineworld) at the top of Hope Street. This is really tall and has glass lifts so you can see all across the city if you go up to the top. I have a pass so can see films for free (or more accurately for a monthly fee!).

4.Bluu - Late night bar in the Merchant City. This place opens late but isn't really clubby... I love it. Have to be feeling flush though for a night here.

5. Rugby - Hughenden, Glasgow West End. I can walk here from home. I LOVE watching the rugby here as you are right up close to the action and can almost touch the players (I wish!).

6. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - City Centre. This is a pub and venue for up and coming bands. It's great. I haven't been for a while but will certainly be there again soon!

7. West Brewing Company - a microbrewery with a great beer garden set on Glasgow Green. Perfect for winding down on a Saturday afternoon in the summer.

8. The Wee Curry Shop - This is a TINY (seriously about 5 tables) shop in the city centre. It serves amazing curry in the most cramped of environments. It's brilliant value for money.

9. The Sisters - Restaurant near us out West. It's a small friendly restaurant but serves really posh nosh. It's best saved for a special occasion.

10. Bon Accord - pub again. City centre. Does lots of ales - more a top night of my boyfriend's really but I like it too.

11. Carling Academy - gig venue. Shockingly it mainly promotes and sells Carling lager.

12. Lock 27. This is a little pub by the canal up the road from our house. It's lovely in summer.

13. While I've been writing this I've come up with hundreds of pubs or cafes that I've had a great night out in but that aren't actually that nice really.... So I've come to the conclusion that I'm lucky to have good friends who can make a night out great, no matter where we go.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Perils of Love: Happy Valentines (Short)

Nice vid - taken it off embedded as it was annoying me that it takes my computer a year and a half to load up this page now.

Happy Valentines!!

Happy Valentines Day x x

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Now!

Well - we're just back from staying in a very authentic Scottish pine wigwam! It was great.

We had nothing to do but walk and relax and sleep. We arrived late on Sunday evening and left this morning - which really meant we were there for a whole day on which we could actually do anything. We stayed in Strathfillan, which is in Stirlingshire.

This was the view from our window (see above window picture.... below actual view from window)

Yesterday was our only whole day. We walked to Tyndrum, had a pint, looked around a bit, walked home, built a big fire, burnt sausages and marshmallows, had a few drinks and a cup of tea, went to bed.

These pics are from the walk.

Not exactly action-packed but we were both suffering a bit from winter blues and non-stop work, so really wanted a quiet break. We got exactly what we wanted!

Today we've just taken a scenic route home - stopping off at a couple of lochs on the way. Look at the pretty rainbow! These are all pictures of Loch Lubnaig.

We forgot the camera so I've had to use my photo phone to get a few pictures of the area & our walk. It's absolutely beautiful! If you're ever up here - Stirling & the Trosachs is definitely an area worth a visit!

It seems a fair few people have been and left me comments while I've been away - thank you!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday photo Scavenger Hunt

Sanni's theme this week is 'Broken'.

To prevent anyone else from suffering the same experience we had: DO NOT PUT DANDELION & BURDOCK IN THE FREEZER! EVER!
If you forget about it and leave it too long it explodes. With enough force to open the freezer, blow the front off the shelf and smash all of the contents (plastic boxes etc) to smithereens.

We've cleaned it up before taking photos but I'll post what we're left with!

This is Dandelion & Burdock. I've also linked up the Wikepedia page.

It tastes really disgusting but my weird boyfriend who also enjoys jam and crisp sandwiches as well as macdonalds chips dipped in a vanilla milkshake is a fan.

P.S. Go and see Sanni if you want to find who else is playing.

Killing Time

I'm killing some time until I have to go to work. And today is BIG MATCH DAY in the 6 Nations Rugby tournament. SCOTLAND/WALES. I'm on Wales' side and am annoyed that I will be working during the match because a friend asked me to and I said yes before realising what time it would be at.

AND he only needed me to cover because he is GOING to the match (and supporting Scotland).

So I REALLY need Wales to win today. I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for them!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

Posting this early as I don't want to get up tomorrow - First day off since January 8th.

Thirteen Places I've lost my phone keys coat or instruments.

1. I left my purse in a public toilets in Wisconsin. It was handed in to the bookshop next door by somebody nice!

2. Purse - Outside the nearest corner shop. I got home to find it missing, drove back, looked for it when a lady came up to ask it I'd lost my purse. She returned it. I opened it and found that I had actually dropped it getting into the car, then reversed over it. All of my credit cards were left with coin impressions.... They don't work with dents in.

3. Purse - Trader Joes pub in Glasgow. I asked my boyfriend to go back for it while I waited in a chip shop with a friend. He got back to find the pub closed (which wasn't surprising as we had left when they chucked us out)... so walked off. On his way back a drunk girl asked him for a cigarette. He doesn't smoke so said 'no'. She slapped him in the face. He then said 'Do you wanna slap me again?!'. Obviously she did - as she accepted the invitation. I was RAGING and all set to storm after her but her friends were already dragging her back to apologise.

4. Last February we went to New York. I lost(/had stolen) my phone in a pub there whilst watching Wales beat Scotland in the Six Nations on a Sunday morning. This time I was not lucky and they ran up £60 in call charges before I could stop it.

5. Coat - When I got back to Scotland straight after the trip I left my coat in Dundee....

6. So now my phone is in New York and my coat is in Dundee. I had a gig in Aberdeen.... where I left my keys. Phone in New York, coat in Dundee, keys in Aberdeen, TC in Glasgow. Ideal.

7. Some months back I took a walk along Broughty Ferry beach. It's absolutely stunning and I had a great time drawing pictures in the sand. On the drive home my boyfriend's phone went. It was my mum who had received a call from a lady who had picked my phone up on the beach. She posted it to Glasgow and didn't leave any return address or phone number for me to be able to thank her properly!

8. Trumpet! - I left my trumpet in Argos in Manchester before my audition for the music college there.

9. After a cornetto gig I stopped for a Chinese. The next day I found I was missing an intrument.... Sure enough it was in the Chinese restaurant.

10. At the moment (freezing cold weather) I have no coat.... It's currently in Carlisle where I left it at a friend's parents house.

11. On a previous occasion I left my phone in a pub where I knew the barman. He took the phone and put it behind the bar. At midnight a man went up to the barmaid and asked if anyone had handed in a phone, describing my phone. She handed it straight over. Blatant stealing by the man. Coppers didn't want to know.

12. A few months ago a lady came and knocked on my door with an old purse in her hand. I hadn't seen this purse for months so was most surprised to see her with it! It turned out she had moved into a house nearby and had found this purse chucked over the wall of her garden when she cleared it out. Needless to say there was no money in it... but I don't think there ever had been. I think the purse probably dropped out of the car one night and I didn't notice - so someone must have come across it in the street, nicked the cards and coins and discarded the rest.

13. HA HA HA! - I can't think of a thirteenth for me but I have a funny one from Christmas this year that I can borrow from my brother: He left his credit card in Game (computer game shop) in Milton Keynes. He phoned and found that they had put it in the safe overnight but that he could collect it whenever. He asked Mum for a lift back to the shop. She made him take the shop staff chocolates to say thank you! He said that the bloke he handed them to looked at him like he was nuts. I LAUGHED A LOT!!!!!

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Monday, February 05, 2007

OK - I'll tell you more

Not sure if Maryam meant my boyfriend. I assume she probably did:

My boyfriend I have known since we were at school. He's a Welshman - which is important. He likes plants from a scientific side, but isn't so good at growing them or looking after our own garden. He works in a garden centre as manager of the plant area (as opposed to the gifts or restaurant). He refused to blog with me when it all started as he says he doesn't like people seeing what he thinks. He has the remnants of brown hair so keeps it short, and brown eyes with a fairly big nose and bushy eyebrows. Am I painting a pretty picture?? I like him.

We accidentally got together one visit he made to Glasgow whilst I was at uni. We drank 5 pints in Edinburgh after which my memory is a bit hazy. Suffice to say when you're pals and you do that then you have two choices: run with it and see how it goes or establish it's a big mistake and go through the awkwardness until you're friends again. We went for the first option. 7 nearly 8 years ago I think.

We don't have many houseplants. We have five - a cactus, the remains of a bay tree(above), a croton, a spider plant and a impatiens. All of which hang on to life by their plant fingertips. I entirely blame him as he should take responsibility for them when I'm only in the house a couple of nights a week and for sleeping......

Oooh - and if you're wondering why he's still my boyfriend after so long - I really hate the idea of getting married and he's fine with this. Thankfully! I think. This is a bit of a weird one: I don't hate weddings for other people (I actually like them) but I don't want one. I respect people who are married but I never want to join them. And I don't really have solid reasons for this - no strong moralistic non-religiousness or anything concrete.

As to blogging and opinions: I'm quite happy for you to see what I think. If it upsets anyone then they shouldn't be reading blogs..... Don't think there's been anything downright rude on here yet. I actually found it a bit weird that he was so against voicing his opinion blogwide. Perhaps that's the key to our getting along for so long? I'm a loudmouthed brass playing lagerlout and he's a quiet shy and retiring real ale drinker.....

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bowie is my idol!

Hope this works - Did anyone know I love David Bowie?

I'm sat here sniggering at Bowie (who I love by the way). This was SO funny! It was shown a good while back now but I'm excited to find it's on you tube. And the annoying thing about Extras' spoof sitcom is I have actually said the catchphrase since ('are you having a laugh') before hearing myself and being really cross!

A friend of mine told me that he thinks my blog is boring at the moment. I think what he meant was that I'm not posting much so when he comes there's nothing new to read.
I told him that I hadn't got anything to blog about as working 7 days a week there's not much time to blog and I haven't had time to do anything very exciting which I want to diarise.

Anyway- I have stuff to tell you - been to a gig etc and want to let everyone know about it but I have to meet a friend soon and don't have time. Will be back later x

I really do love Bowie. _____________________________________________________

Well it's later - I went out at half 2. It's now 1am. That's a long time in the pub. I think everything was ok - all friends again (to a point).

Otherwise - On Thursday night I went to see a friend of mine James Ross play a big concert in City Halls, Glasgow - he is brilliant and I have known him for ages and still think he's the bees knees after nearly 10 years. We used to egg each other on to see who could be the laziest student when we shared student halls. I'm not sure who won!


Unfortunately after he'd played I had to shoot off to Paisley as I made a marginal error with my pay timesheet.... I thought I could fax it but it seems I can't. They needed the original by Friday. I work ALL THE TIME so can't really get to Paisley on a Weds, Thurs or Friday day so thought I'd post it on Thursday night.

My boyfriend drove me to Paisley. We found the offices and parked up. There was no letterbox or janitor etc.

My boyfriend rescued me again by nipping over during his lunch on Friday to hand it in during office hours. I would still owe him a huge favour but he sold it for two cans of Budweiser last night! (fool).

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen excuses I've heard this month..... (I'm teaching brass a lot at the moment)

1. I've forgotten my instrument
2. My teacher wouldn't let me out for my lesson
3. I've forgotten my instrument
4. I forgot I had a lesson
5. I've forgotten my instrument
6. I've been to the orthodontist
7. I've forgotten my instrument
8. My mum lost her job today (and this means you can't have a lesson??)
9. I've forgotten my instrument
10. I forgot my music (this one doesn't work as I have plenty of spare music)
11. I've forgotten my instrument
12. I didn't think we had lessons this week (randomly mid term!)
13. I've forgotten my instrument

Have you spotted the most frequently used...?!

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