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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bowie is my idol!

Hope this works - Did anyone know I love David Bowie?

I'm sat here sniggering at Bowie (who I love by the way). This was SO funny! It was shown a good while back now but I'm excited to find it's on you tube. And the annoying thing about Extras' spoof sitcom is I have actually said the catchphrase since ('are you having a laugh') before hearing myself and being really cross!

A friend of mine told me that he thinks my blog is boring at the moment. I think what he meant was that I'm not posting much so when he comes there's nothing new to read.
I told him that I hadn't got anything to blog about as working 7 days a week there's not much time to blog and I haven't had time to do anything very exciting which I want to diarise.

Anyway- I have stuff to tell you - been to a gig etc and want to let everyone know about it but I have to meet a friend soon and don't have time. Will be back later x

I really do love Bowie. _____________________________________________________

Well it's later - I went out at half 2. It's now 1am. That's a long time in the pub. I think everything was ok - all friends again (to a point).

Otherwise - On Thursday night I went to see a friend of mine James Ross play a big concert in City Halls, Glasgow - he is brilliant and I have known him for ages and still think he's the bees knees after nearly 10 years. We used to egg each other on to see who could be the laziest student when we shared student halls. I'm not sure who won!


Unfortunately after he'd played I had to shoot off to Paisley as I made a marginal error with my pay timesheet.... I thought I could fax it but it seems I can't. They needed the original by Friday. I work ALL THE TIME so can't really get to Paisley on a Weds, Thurs or Friday day so thought I'd post it on Thursday night.

My boyfriend drove me to Paisley. We found the offices and parked up. There was no letterbox or janitor etc.

My boyfriend rescued me again by nipping over during his lunch on Friday to hand it in during office hours. I would still owe him a huge favour but he sold it for two cans of Budweiser last night! (fool).


Annelisa said...

That was so funny!! I haven't seen it before - brilliant!

You know what you can tell your friend... make your life more interesting? Nope! You have a very full life already, which is exactly why you aren't getting to post so much... but I still like coming here to see you, so you can tell that friend of yours (the one that is a friend, not the one who's 'just a person you know' :-) ) to write more comments - that's always interesting...

Maybe he could write a post in the comments? That would be interesting too.

So, keep us in suspense, why don't you! :-) Come on, fess up about what's been going on in your non-blogging time!

Hope it goes alright with your meet-up... I'll have my fingers crossed all's ok.

Travis said...

You're blog isn't boring!

Annelisa said...

No, I agree with Travis - should've said that straight out too!

You've added, so I'll add...

Your guy, James, is kinda cuter than Bowie (duck to miss the flying trumpet! :-D)

Glad things are sorted with you and your friend (can call her that again?)

Foolish boyfriend... bet the favours were worth at least a bottle of something!

TopChamp said...

It was definitely worth more than two cans of Bud.

James is a dude. And I'm intrigued by your comment - I was not aware of such a thing as 'cuter than Bowie'. It's an interesting concept.

CJB said...

Ok... let's just clarify things here a little bit....

Nobody said that the blog was boring- I believe that the comment was more along the lines of 'You haven't been blogging much lately'. To which a response was received along the lines of 'No I've been busy, but not been doing anything exciting to blog about'. I believe that a brief discussion then took place about certain things that could be blogged about. I don't believe that there was any use of the word 'boring'.

So there! A little clarity amongst the dense fog that descends upon one every now and then.

Or perhaps the fog is now thicker then ever?! Hmmm.

TopChamp said...

Fair enough - you are allowed to tell me when things are a bit rubbish though - it's fine.

I acknowledge that i didn't chose my words very carefully as I was just speed typing the general gist of our conversation.

Is this better? I'm sat here listening to Gaelic tunes on the radio... don't understand a word!

Travis said...

Love the new look.

My Marrakech said...

I think I need to know more about the boyfriend:-)

Annelisa said...

How did you change the look, anyhow!?!

Cuter than Bowie? Well, is Bowie cute? (ducks to avoid flying trumpet again! :-) )

What I mean is, isn't he rather sexy, handsome, interesting, intriguing.... etc? Cute is just not a word I would use for Bowie anyhow!

So, your James is definately cuter! QED!! :-D

And I think, even when you talked of tax forms (of all things :-) ) you still made it interesting... so, I think we can safely drop this one, eh? And you, M'dear, can write about any damn thing you please, in any damn way you please, and you will still have the visits of one green haired individual! :-D

TopChamp said...

You're right - cute is not the usual word for describing the genius that is David Bowie. I like all your other words! You are good with words you know.

I just updated the template like new blogger had been trying to get me to do for the last month or two. I couldn't be bothered before. But this is nice. Still a template though.

I think cute would be a fine word for James. I'll tell him the decision next time I see him!

And cheers for your comments - Nice to know you'll stick around x (if you wear a green wig for long enough does your hair start growing in green? Are you letting it grow back yet?)

Misslionheart said...

*loody hell! I just spat my coffee out watching that vid! Bowie is brilliant, as is Ricky Gervais. Mind if I pinch that and post it on my blog later?

TopChamp said...

course not. Post away!