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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gabcast! Diversimode #1

Gabcast! Diversimode #0

this is a dodgy copy of some recordings I made a good while back with Diversimode!! It was recorded to sell us for weddings etc.... but I really put it on to see if I could work out how!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today I am shattered. It was a busy week and in my wisdom I decided to top it all off with a big night out last night.

The evening was great - thoroughly enjoyed myself. I drank lots of cocktails - can't really go wrong with that! It all culminated in an amazing magic trick at approx 1am: I thought I needed money for a taxi home so went to withdraw £10.... and the cash machine gave me £200! The real magic in this trick is that I don't have £200.... so I don't know whose account it's come from. Can't be mine!

Brilliantly I did not consider that I had to be up at the crack of dawn for teaching this morning, and then had a Brownie 'Bag a Badge' day in the afternoon... so am now TIRED!

For all those who are interested (which doesn't seem to be anyone!) Christmas gig on Thursday was great - sounded good and was a laugh despite the slightly daft feeling we had playing carols and christmas songs in October. My boyfriend had bought us some witches hats so we didn't have to wear antlers or santa hats... But the hats he bought were designed for children. They were a bargain at 40p each, but we had to attach ribbon stolen from the shop (they use it to decorate gift wrapping - we didn't ACTUALLY steal!) to tie them under our chins.

I'm sure we looked beautiful.....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's Chriiiiiisssssstttmmaaaaaaaaaaas!

(pic from

Today I have my first Christmas gig.... In case you didn't spot the header - it's the 26th OCTOBER today!

My trumpet trio, Dynamic Brass, is to play at a charity night for the garden centre in Milngavie... and the theme is Christmas. I thought we might wear witches hats instead of antlers and might bring Harry Potter to play too. It's a little bit more appropriate - we're a little bit closer to Halloween!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Tonight was enrollment night at Brownies - all 19 new girls have promised to 'do their best' and to follow the brownie law 'to be kind and helpful and do a good turn every day' in front of their family.

My guess is that they'll all have broken their first ever real promise at the grand old age of 7 1/2....

And on a sad note, my friend told me today she has breast cancer. I wish her well - first chemo tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We all have a bad day now and then...

On chatting to my boyfriend about his ranting (below) it appears that I hit the nail on the head earlier. He manages a plant area and was inundated today with customers. Usually he copes well with this - enjoys it in fact - but today it got on top of him. One example he gave me was a customer who asked what was wrong with their plant. He asked her if it was planted in a sunny spot. Her answer: Only in the daytime.

I see his point. I sympathise. My day however was pretty good. It's half term up here so I have no pupils to teach, or playing to do until Saturday so the only requirement for me for Mon-Weds this week is to practise... and practise some more!

I got up early, so had plenty of time to gear myself up gently for the day. I had an opticians appointment this morning after which I needed to go into the city centre for some shopping.

I run a Brownie pack, and we are having our enrolment ceremony next week for all the new Brownies. I went to the guide shop as I had volunteered to get the badges they need (- quite a lot!) I bought 21 six emblems, promise badges, 3 sixer and second badges and 21 interest badges. I had about £20 worth of pound coins which I collected as subs last week.... Guess how much the badges cost... Guessed? £45!

So after I'd raided our last pennies to lend to Brownies til next week, I headed home to have some lunch and practise all afternoon.

This evening has so far been spent checking my wee brother's blog, typing this, and discussing the benefits and downfalls of the binocular over the monocular.

Day 1 of the experiment

People annoy me. I don't want to make a grand sweeping statement... but it's a general point. They do stupid things. It may not be intentional, but they still do them. Perhaps they think they have to, or they should, but if they just took a moment's reflection it may make all the difference! I wouldn't like to let them know I'm annoyed - what would be the point? You'd have two annoyed people, double, so I let them go unawares. For example: People who decide that everybody wants to hear their opinion... Why would I want to listen? If I wanted their opinion I would ask for it. Another thing which I really hate is when people say 'That's what's wrong with the world today'. There's nothing wrong with the world today. It's perfect - or as good as it can be, so be happy. And stop being so bl..dy stupid!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Boring and Mundane

I checked out the BBC website as today is national blog day (or something like that)... They are looking for people to detail their Tuesday with as much boring or mundane detail as possible. I think I can assist - boring and mundane come easily to me.

At 9.10am we were woken by the postman. Today is a day off for me and my boyfriend, and despite his mother's phone call 'heads up' which did give us warning that there would be a delivery today we had failed to take heed.

I checked my e-mail. As I'm self-employed it's the first thing I do every day. I'm always hopeful that someone will be offering me a gig or looking for lessons. As it happens I was in luck.

Got dressed, did teeth etc and headed off to the post office to pick up a recorded delivery letter that was not delivered as we were both out.... nearly a week ago. It was quite important that we pick it up today, as they only hold recorded delivery letters for a week before returning them to the sender.

It turned out that the letter contained documents I which I had last week posted to a new school I'm hoping to start work at after the October holidays: passport, driving license and the form returned to re-complete, as I had written 5 digits above the white boxes rather than in them. If this doesn't demonstrate pedantic bureaucracy I don't know what does.

Then began the exciting day of CLEANING! The floor in my bedroom is now visible. The clothes we picked up are mostly now in the washing machine or tumble dryer thanks to our cat who enjoys rolling on any fabric within reach.

We also sorted out our car insurance - managed to save ourselves £300 making us pretty happy. There's an advert at the moment which has a slogan 'quote me happy'... I never thought it possible.

The afternoon was taken up with me practising the cornett whilst Paul occupied himself reading, listening to music and playing Word Krispies on the internet.

I cooked lasagne with home grown beans for tea and have collected a few apples from the bottom of the garden with which to make apple crumble once I have mustered up the energy.

As to the evening’s entertainment: CSI was on TV tonight - a double bill! After playing 'guess the storyline' for an hour or two we're shattered. And so to bed.

Monday, October 16, 2006


I've set this up primarily so I can log onto a blog to post a comment.... In order that I may discover my brother's latest embarrassing story. So Ryan in Falmouth - please tell all.