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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The American Dream

Do you guys really have FREE internet?

(p.s. I'm disabling comments coz I want an answer to the cake question too - you'll have to reply under that post!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


As Mrs S is on a diet I'll tell her now : STOP READING.

Anyone else: I have to make a cake for a friend's birthday next weekend. Does anyone have experience of cake-making? I want to know if you can freeze cake and not spoil it?

I suspect she's really after a chocolate cake - probably with more chocolate. My birthday cake was DELICIOUS though as vanilla with chocolate covering and filling.

She also will expect something impressive - so a novelty or giant cake I think.

I have scratched my head for ideas. So far I'm thinking the classic pile of presents would be quite cool. Or maybe a handbag shape. OR a multi-tiered patterned cake with a crown on top which I saw on a website.

So back to the question - can you freeze cake without spoiling it?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Politics UK

Labour (current ruling party) have just lost a very safe seat in Glasgow.

It was won by the SNP. Maybe it's time for me to find out more about them - I've avoided it because of the name Scottish NATIONAL party. Reminds me of the ultra-evil British National Party.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


This morning I looked out of the back window at the lawn and found myself gazing into Homer Simpson's eyes.

What on earth could a big cuddly Simpson head be doing on the grass out there?

My best guess - foxes. There was also a big black fox poo on the grass next to the head (which had actually turned out to be a slipper), to assist in my identification of the culprit.

This weekend I'm off out the back with a strimmer and spade to clear the undergrowth at the bottom of the garden - hopefully I'll destroy their habitat.


I REALLY need to read through my posts before I put them up! Spelling error just found - plumbs instead of plums. Dumbo.

p.s. If you find more - let me know!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We have just got back from a couple of weeks wandering.

While my boyfriend was in Italy I went to Leeds, Cardiff and Carlisle.

A great time was had by all. I went to the pub, ate out, did a bit of sightseeing and went for walks in the countryside.

I particularly want to tell you about the food – which was outstanding!

Leeds: We ate out at a restaurant called Citrus. The downside was that they brought me a cheese soufflé when I ordered a fig and blue cheese chart. The UPSIDE was that the food was great and my starter was free.

Cardiff: We ate out at the Brasserie. You could choose your meat/fish etc from a cold counter and they cooked it. We chose bbq ribs and roast duckling, and muscles in white wine and lemon sole. It was delicious, but the fish was my absolute favourite. My little sister is moving to Cardiff soon and I am most certainly going to visit her often!

Carlisle: My friend’s mother is an amazing cook – Dinner started with salt & pepper squid which I learnt to do myself. The preparation involved hilarious moments where my friend’s mum commented that the squid when washed looked a bit like a condom, but she didn’t think it would taste like a condom… although she didn’t actually know what a condom tasted like. Meanwhile her son went red at each mention of the word ‘condom’ and squirmed openly at the final comment while I could only crease up laughing at the pair of them! They barbecued a joint of lamb marinated in yoghurt mint and brown sugar and while it cooked we took a trip to the local pub. And then after all that there was even dessert! Plums and cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now my boyfriend tells me that the food in Italy was wonderful. He tried octopus and other seafood which previously he has refused to eat and I am most pleased with this step forward. However I do not believe for a second that his meals could possibly have surpassed the menu which the UK provided that week.

Friday, July 18, 2008

brief quiet period

I'm really not a very quiet person. But I've been away on holiday this week and am playing for a wedding in England this weekend so haven't had a chance to blog or use the internet until today. And now my time is up, but I am looking forward to being back online properly on Monday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brownie Camp

We arrived on Friday night, they heard the programme and discovered they'd have chores (groans all round) then had some sandwiches and biscuits with juice. They went outside for a torchlight wordsearch, which wasn't in torchlight because we only had a couple of hours of darkness this weekend, then came in for story and bedtime stuff.

They giggled and chatted and giggled in their dorm until one of the guiders moved in and settled on the lower bunk making them sleep.

On Saturday morning I awoke to more giggles and squeals. I checked my phone: 5am!

The other guiders were seemed able to sleep but I can't do that - I'm a wake up get up person. So I went through.

"Hands up who knows what time it is?" No hands.
"twenty past........... FIVE"

Their faces dropped! They knew they were in trouble... but still giggled when I left the room.

So I got my sleeping bag and told them a couple of stories: one about good brownies who go to sleep and do lots of fun things with their refreshed cheerful guiders... and one about bad brownies who stay up all night and spend the day doing chores and cleaning, becuase their guiders are too crabbit to go out and play.

They all just giggled at me, and a Brownie from another pack responded "you should've brought those other Brownies then". Somehow I don't think they take me very seriously! It worked though, and they dropped off again very quickly.

I went back to sleep and woke up again around half 6, which is fine as they were to be woken at half 7.

On Saturday our Harry Potter theme meant we could fit in a visit from a man with owls. Real live owls. IT WAS COOL!!!!!!!

In the afternoon they had a trip to the loch. A treasure hunt. I may have taken them slightly the wrong way as I had no idea how to get there, and neither did the guider who took a group 2 mins after me. We weren't lost though.

Otherwise, we did some crafts... sang a few songs... had a party where they entertained us with a fashion show and some comedy sketches then we entertained them with a Harry Potter magic show.

On the last day the grown-ups have to clean the house so the Brownies spent a fair bit of time playing outside.

What impressed me most over the weekend was the way the kids from 3 different packs all mucked in together and made new friends quickly. They all behaved really well and made the weekend enjoyable for all of us. They got their Brownie Holiday badge and some goodies and I am pretty sure they all went home very happy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I am on my own in the flat.

I went away on Friday to Brownie camp. I got home on Sunday but drove straight down to England to stay with my sister before heading to Wales for the night.

We then came back to Leeds. Meanwhile my boyfriend jetted off to Tuscany (grr).

I then went to Carlisle to visit a friend and his family.

Now I am home. Most of my pals are on holiday, and I only arrived here at 7pm so there hasn't been time to organise an outing.

So I'm getting a bit bored. Might need to get a knitting project going. At 10pm it's too late to practise the trumpet!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jet Setters

My boyfriend is away just now on a work trip to Italy. I think he is here. Wish I was!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Brownie camp finished today. It went incredibly smoothly and the kids had a great time. I'll tell you about it when I'm back - just heading off again now so no time.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Last night I had planned to go out with a couple of friends.

However when I got home my boyfriend had still not found the passport he began looking for the previous day.

So I started to help. I looked through all of the sensible places. I searched the filing cabinet file by file.

I looked through the less sensible places, such as the kitchen drawers and recipe book shelf.

The previous night I watched him check the passport drawer, so knew it could not be there. In case though I asked 'did you check the drawer again'? The reply: About 4 times.

So we kept searching into the evening.

EVENTUALLY when it was far too late to meet people who'd been out since six o'clock I was on the verge of announcing that he was just going to have to queue for an emergency passport application today when I checked the passport drawer. I had no expectation of finding anything, but guess what?


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I'm out an about for the next 2-3 weeks. I'll be home but am not sure how much. Ideally I'd love to float about away from the city for the whole time but finances and pet care will mean that's not possible.

I'm excited though.

The first thing coming up is Brownie camp. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The morning after

I feel OK!

Today I have a pupil coming round in the morning. She's a really nice kid so it'll be fun. After that the day is my own.

Wimbledon: Anyone watch it? Andy Murray won his match yesterday - it was confusing to me as I really don't understand tennis scoring - but he's a Scot so I'm pleased he won.

I think that was the quarter final.... or the qualifier for the quarter final. Does anyone else know?

This is the first week off school and already I'm wondering what to do with the days off. I think this is the only week I have completely free though so I'm just going to enjoy it.


My Pals cheered me up.

A couple of chaps phoned after 4pm to say 'we are heading to the pub where shall we meet you'?

Cheered me right up............. I love them x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

(yup, I have been in the pub since just after 5pm)