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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The morning after

I feel OK!

Today I have a pupil coming round in the morning. She's a really nice kid so it'll be fun. After that the day is my own.

Wimbledon: Anyone watch it? Andy Murray won his match yesterday - it was confusing to me as I really don't understand tennis scoring - but he's a Scot so I'm pleased he won.

I think that was the quarter final.... or the qualifier for the quarter final. Does anyone else know?

This is the first week off school and already I'm wondering what to do with the days off. I think this is the only week I have completely free though so I'm just going to enjoy it.


The Guider said...

I watched the match, it was so good - got to admit I thought he'd lost it at the end of the third so I was so chuffed when he won. first match I've watched all the way through this Wimbledon.

That was the fourth round, sends him into the quarter final against Nadal tomorrow - much as I would love for Murray to progress I would be stunned if he beat Nadal. The odds are very much against him, not least because of the long game last night when Nadal had his feet up at home, resting.

Enjoy your week off, I always find these last couple of weeks of school very weird as I am a Scot so used to breaking up at the end of June - by the time my kids break up mid July, when I was a kid me and my parents would have been home from two weeks in France!

FM said...

Just found out today that it was your Birthday yesterday and someone in work signed your card by proxy for me.

I trust it was something nice and unsarcastic, which is a bit disappointing. :o)

For the record, I don't like Andy Murray. I know sportsmen have to have a certain arrogant streak, but his is over the top, IMHO.

I can't be doing with all that fist pumping and pointing at the towel after every shot. Gentlemen like Federer don't feel the need to do it.

I also don't like Nadal due to him bouncing the ball so much before he serves - the Nadal/Murray game tomorrow is going to be a hate-fest for me.

Belated Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

I really enjoy watching tennis as my son played all through high school and is now giving lessons for some extra cash.

But, alas I have no answers to your questions. Sorry.

Travis said...

I used to enjoy watching tennis and I do understand the scoring. It just takes a bit of practice to figure it out.