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Saturday, July 26, 2008


As Mrs S is on a diet I'll tell her now : STOP READING.

Anyone else: I have to make a cake for a friend's birthday next weekend. Does anyone have experience of cake-making? I want to know if you can freeze cake and not spoil it?

I suspect she's really after a chocolate cake - probably with more chocolate. My birthday cake was DELICIOUS though as vanilla with chocolate covering and filling.

She also will expect something impressive - so a novelty or giant cake I think.

I have scratched my head for ideas. So far I'm thinking the classic pile of presents would be quite cool. Or maybe a handbag shape. OR a multi-tiered patterned cake with a crown on top which I saw on a website.

So back to the question - can you freeze cake without spoiling it?


CountryDew said...

You can freeze cake but not for long. It will dry out quickly and I don't recommend it. You also can't really freeze it with the iceing on it. I think you're better off with a fresh cake or even a day-or-two old cake than a frozen one.

Maybe someone knows a trick to keep cake from drying out in the freezer, but not me.

TopChamp said...

Countrydew - that's a shame. Her birthday is on Saturday and I'm working (and going out) Thurs & Fri so it'll mean an early start to bake and ice a tiered cake.

I don't want a dry stale-tasting cake though - rather have an early start!

Travis said...

I've never had a CAKE around long enough to freeze.

Middle Ditch said...

My daughter got married last week Saturday and had a three tier wedding cake. The bottom sponge, the middle fruit and the top sponge again. Only the bottom bit was eaten and I was told by Granny that it's okay to freeze both, wrapped in cling film. The lady who made the cake confirmed this but said not to leave it for more that four years and take the cling film off as you defrost it. Now I hope very much that they were right as both cakes are in the freezer.


Tor Hershman said...

Cake good!