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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Man it's HOT!

I wish my garden was a beach with the sea at the bottom to cool off in!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

80's night

That was the funniest night I have EVER had sober.

It wasn't intended to be sober. We fully planned to have some drinks at Friend1's house with pizza before getting a train through to the back of beyond town hall in which the show was to be held... only we were late arriving at hers and ended up phoning my boyfriend for a lift as we had also missed the train... then we were late for the show so snuck in at the back.

But we looked AMAZING!

Friend1 wore a neon yellow tshirt, a black skirt, royal blue tights, legwarmers I made and animal print and black leather pointy ankle boots with red beads, plastic bangles and big red and blue heart shaped patterned earrings. Long straight brown hair backcombed and tied up with a gold hairband on top.

Friend2 wore black leggings with a bright orange and pink 'born in the 80's' t-shirt. Pink and black legwarmers and animal print satin and patent stilettos, denim jacket, big red necklace and pink giant bead hoop earrings. Short blond/brown streaked hair volumised and textured with a bright pink bow hairband.

I wore the outfit already described: Black and fucshia bra under white vest top, red tshirt off the shoulder, dark blue jeans rolled up, black glitter plimsoles with yellow long beads, navy shorter big beads, enormous heart pendant, huge white teardrop earrings about 20 skinny bangles. Wavy/curly brown hair blowdried upside down, backcombed and hairsprayed into a massive birdsnest. Black and red striped scarf rolled up and tied round head in big bow.

Makeup - LOTS of blusher in a peachy pink shade. Turquoise and Fucshia eyeshadow out to hairline up to eyebrows. Eyeliner inside, outside and flicked to the extreme. Frosty pink lipgloss.

Dressing up is fun - especially with your friends. The shared cameraderie of looking daft together is uniquely entertaining.

We arrived to find ourselves the only dressed up members of the audience. That was no surprise! The show was funny - and our pupils were great. In the interval we filled up on sugar with sour apple strips and red cola to keep the laughter energy up (very effective).

After the show we headed back into the city (stares abound) and discussed on the train where we could go looking so ridiculous. We established that the 80's bar was probably the best bet (doh!) but when we arrived it was closed. In a quiet unthemed bar we discussed our plans for future costume nights. The suggestions were good but we didn't actually come up with any reasons for them or places we could go.... so we're not ready yet!

I'll keep you posted on any developments.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am going to an 80's night... What should I wear?

I will describe myself to you: I am average height, overweight but proportionate - big body matches big feet, big hair, etc!, wear pink funky glasses, have recently dyed very light brown naturally curly long hair.

I own: A red oversized t-shirt off the shoulder thing which I can wear with a white vest top.

I need to know: How to do my hair - could do anything with it as it takes styling well.
What shoes are 80's style?
What makeup and jewellery to wear?
Can I wear black cords or black trousers or dark blue jeans as 80's??

I am going to google search and then turn the computer off as I have tidying and cleaning to do before goin to the supermarket and completing some accounts.

Friday, May 22, 2009

All Better

Around 8pm last night I stopped feeling sick and hot, and today feel great! Still have a cold but my bones don't hurt.

While I was off yesterday I received an email from the Giant Sleepover 2009 confirming my Brownie pack has been given a place to stay at the SnoZone in Braehead in June. So this weekend I will start to get that sorted out!

Next week we are having an animal themed party night.

I haven't handed in my accounts (because I haven't actually finished them... oops) and must have them in by next Weds. Actually it's by a week on Mon but next Weds is better for me.

I have to defer my Student Loan. (did I tell you before how much I hate the Student Loans Company and the Labour Government for forcing me to deal with the Student Loans Company?)

I must email Glasgow council to find out how much it would cost to use the local school pitches (if they're free) for our Olympics, as it's close enough to walk to our usual hall if the weather is awful.

I have to put on hold the horse trip as the sleepover is possible now.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mum's 60th

I'm feeling sick today - don't know what's wrong... some kind of bug. Anyway, to distract myself I have decided to show you what I made Ma for her birthday. She collects tortoises!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brownies Animal Lover

This week we continued our Animal Lover theme. We have covered off a load of sections of the badge so really are now just playing with animal themed fun stuff.

We had a really long pow wow tonight as the girls were each asked to tell us about their pets. Those who didn't have a pet found that they had a story about a dog or cat they knew through someone else so it was pretty inclusive.

After that we made animal masks which turned out looking amazing. I found stencils in Hobbycraft and we coloured them with wax crayons before decorating them with paper confetti and sequins as well as a few feathers.

It wasn't exactly a tidy night but it didn't take too much sweeping up and the girls enjoyed themselves.

Next week we are having a party and the Brownies loved the idea of making it animal themed and wearing their masks for it. We now have to think up party games and activities for this.

The following week we are holding Brownie Olympics at a local green space (as yet unspecified.....). We plan to do discus with frisbees, relay, long jump (just jumping really), shotput with beanbags, hurdles?, running race. We will have prizes, juice and biscuits...

The week after that we are hoping to take the girls on the trip to Pollock Country Park.

So there are quite a few things for me still to do but our end of term should prove to be fun for all the girls.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A bit nuts

My house is a pig-sty and I have dyed my hair a very light brown..... it's a bit gingery blonde.... Ah well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am tired but have had a cool night. Did a gig which was fun then came home and went out.

Just got home having walked right past the chip shop to find that my boyfriend was expecting me after 1 drink to come home and have a take-away with him so he didn't have dinner but instead ate all the bread.

I got home expecting to have bread.... So all's fair and we were both disappointed! Ha.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brownies Friend to Animals

This week was my first Brownies back after 2 weeks off... and it was great. My pack are lovely.

We started their Friend to Animals badge with a view to finishing it at Pollock Country Park one Saturday, where the girls can find out about working horses.

I need to:

Work out what sort of times would be good for this
Contact the park
Find out about minibus hire.... which we might not need to do if the mum who works at the uni can borrow one.
Write permission letters

It's been a while since I used this place for my to-do list!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I recently came into contact with some kids from a background of parental neglect and drug abuse. They were lovely kids but had nowhere to live after being removed from their parents. My need to fix things meant I wanted to offer them my house, to look after them and to make it all better. I understand that the home won't make it all better, but it would make it a bit better.

In the week we spent with the siblings they thrived on attention and were affectionate and interested, but they needed occupying constantly. They were charming and entertaining and generally well behaved.

The reality is we don't have the space in this flat, or the time in our lives to dedicate to children. I know the kids we met have found a foster family and hope that they're settling in well.

I would like to register my interest in foster caring, to find out more about it to decide whether we could make the changes we'd need to to do it. My boyfriend won't even consider it saying that he wouldn't cope with giving kids back. My sister says she thinks I am unfair even suggesting he foster, as he is notoriously shy. He does not rule out adoption in the same way.

Tonight I saw some Channel4 programmes about fostering and adoption and it was positive although it tugged the heartstrings! Not all the kids would be difficult and angry, right? Surely most are just normal kids who need a home....

What are your thoughts on fostering? Do you have first-hand experience?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The house we stayed in - The Captain's Beach House, Aberdesach.

The beach in different lights.

This one was taken by my sister when we sat drinking mohitos in the freezing cold perched on rocks right by the sea. Heaven.

Whistling Sands

The sand really whistles! (squeaks?) when you walk sliding your feet a little.

Trefor beach

I love the perspective - the fading hills.

Friday, May 08, 2009


Been away again - this time for my Mum's 60th birthday in Wales.

Wales is a stunning country. It is green and lush and from my last few trips - often sunny! (by which I mean more often sunny than Glasgow).

I have photos...