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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brownies Animal Lover

This week we continued our Animal Lover theme. We have covered off a load of sections of the badge so really are now just playing with animal themed fun stuff.

We had a really long pow wow tonight as the girls were each asked to tell us about their pets. Those who didn't have a pet found that they had a story about a dog or cat they knew through someone else so it was pretty inclusive.

After that we made animal masks which turned out looking amazing. I found stencils in Hobbycraft and we coloured them with wax crayons before decorating them with paper confetti and sequins as well as a few feathers.

It wasn't exactly a tidy night but it didn't take too much sweeping up and the girls enjoyed themselves.

Next week we are having a party and the Brownies loved the idea of making it animal themed and wearing their masks for it. We now have to think up party games and activities for this.

The following week we are holding Brownie Olympics at a local green space (as yet unspecified.....). We plan to do discus with frisbees, relay, long jump (just jumping really), shotput with beanbags, hurdles?, running race. We will have prizes, juice and biscuits...

The week after that we are hoping to take the girls on the trip to Pollock Country Park.

So there are quite a few things for me still to do but our end of term should prove to be fun for all the girls.


Strictly said...

That all sounds really cool, there must be loads of animal activities you could do too (am at work so can't look any up on my bookmarks but let me know if you need any!)

Bond said...

Pin the tail on the donkey comes to mind immediately

Travis said...

It sounds like you got a lot accomplished this term.