one step at a time.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I just decided to update my ticker at the top of this blog. I last updated it in June.

I had to put it UP by a pound.

At first that dismayed me, but on the positive side I have climbed a mountain this weekend, been to spin classes twice last week, walked to work twice and am therefore much much healthier than prior to changing my lifestyle.

The hill we climbed was Ben Donich.  The photos are from the walk which was icy and frosty at the start and snowy as we made the descent.  It was fun.  Two days later my legs are still hurting!

And that is a normal week.  With the exception of climbing the big hill, there's nothing there I don't do on a weekly basis.  OK I can't always do two spin classes, but I have been doing running training and have signed up for the free work gym which I hate and for the council public gym which I like.

I have also FINALLY got some drugs to help with horrible PCOS.

The overall picture is much more positive than negative.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Michelin Star food

Our food today at "Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond" was outstanding. I don't want to forget any of it:

We arrived early. I went upstairs to look around the hotel and inadvertently entered a suite. I think the occupier had checked out & left the room wide open.  It was beautiful! Lovely lounge, stand-alone bath, views of Loch Lomond.

Having spotted the bath (and realised I was not in a communal lounge) I retreated, rejoined birthday boy and we went to the restaurant.

They seated us in leather armchairs in a light room with views of the lawn and loch. We were brought a tray of entrees after taking our drinks (water) order.

We were given a rectangular platter on which they placed 2 haggis fritters (little balls), 2 parmesan puffs and 2 beetroot and horseradish macaroons. We were told to eat them in that order. Quite honestly I would rather I had eaten them in the opposite order (my order of preference) but PJ loved the beetroot thing.

A waiter arrived with bread next. Rye bread, honey bread, white bread.

We received amuse bouches next: a mackerel ceviche - mine had bones, and a tiny scallop with chestnut mousse and mushroom sauce which was absolutely indescribably tasty. This juicy morsel of scallop followed with a blast of saliva-inducing sheer savouriness.

Then came the food we had actually ordered:
Scallop in Jerusalem artichoke veloute with hazelnuts.
Game pithivier with celeriac.

The winner for me: scallop and soup. The veloute was unexpectedly delicious. From its appearance we could not have anticipated the punchy flavour. The crunch of hazelnut added the final touch. The game smelt a bit like hot pate.

Mains: sea bream wrapped in potato on pea mousse with shrimps in the sauce.
Calves liver with pancetta and posh mash.

Winner for me: fish but only JUST, because the calves liver was remarkably succulent.

Desert: mango and coconut on lime pannacotta. Sounds odd but PJ loved it. Chocolate & pistachio with creme fraiche.

I don't like mango or coconut so that wasn't for me!  The winner: chocolate.

What a bargain: £25 a head.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Brownies AND Guides

Today I am braving the next agegroup up in Girlguiding and have invited the Guides (without one of their own leaders) to join the Brownies to go to watch CBBC's Incredible Edibles being filmed.

Wish me luck!

On another note - I signed up for the free gym at work.  Why have I never done this before?  Because I am a scaredy cat and because I couldn't see the appeal of locking myself in the basement running on the spot.

To be quite honest, when I write it like that I still can't really see the appeal of locking myself in the basement running on the spot.  However I feel the benefit of it today, and have had a full English breakfast as a reward to myself (no oil, grilled of course!).

Tonight we are going to the rugby!  Glasgow Warriors v Ulster.  BIG match - standing (waterproofs may be required).

Otherwise: I have to do some trumpet practise this weekend.  Quite a lot actually.  I have been a lazybones this week as far as trumpet is concerned.

Sunday is my OH's birthday - we are going to a Michelin Starred restaurant, which will be a first.  I wonder whether it will be stuffy/formal so we hate it, or relaxed and high quality.  I will let you know!

I have a few birthday pressies to buy on Saturday - and a card to make.  I hope he doesn't read my blog - pretty sure he is as bored of it as the rest of my family!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Still running...

I am still on schedule with the couch to 5k.  It seems it really does work!

Today I should have been doing my first 20minute run.  I should (on Saturday) have done an 8 minute run, 5 minute walk repetition but I forgot to take a sports bra away and when I tried it it was really quite uncomfortable - sore shoulders!

So.. I considered today whether I could skip the 8min day and head straight for the 20min run (that I really didn't want to do!).

After starting running and managing to get to 8 minutes (which felt a long time), I then thought... well I can TRY it.  I can always stop and walk if I need to.

But I didn't need to!  I didn't find it fun... it is not fun.  Perhaps when I know how it works, feel confident that I have the strength for it, then I'll be able to let my mind wander and occupy myself with musings as I do on a walk.

For now I think of things like "only 1 more song to go.... it must be about 3 minutes a song!" or "I wonder if it still counts as running if I go as slow as I would walk..."

About 10-15 mins into the running I saw some girls on bikes who looked familiar.  I ignored them (since I was red, sweaty and trying my first ever 20 minute run!) but they cycled up to the running track and started riding round to meet me.  Sure enough, it was an old Brownie of mine and her friend.  

Whilst I love my Brownies and I think Girlguiding is an amazing organisation there are times at which I would be happiER to see a familiar face.

I had a very brief chat with them - then carried on training.  It was actually quite nice to see some smiley faces towards the middle of the run.

When I got home, my other half told me he had never seen my face so red.  Nice!

(p.s. - look at this beauty - found him on the road by the house.)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Bad weather & Short days

We need to get better orgnised with some more healthy food in our house!  Today was a good diet (sorry - conscious healthy eating) day.  I had toast for breaky, vegetable omelette for lunch and some mince and carrots for tea.  They sound dull, but with herbs & spices I loved the meals.  It all totals up to a low points value and I have felt satisfied.

This has been the only good day.  I have been craving stodge for the last week or so and have eaten the following junk food: McDonald's Big Mac, Fish & Chips, Chinese (though that was ok - picked chicken chow mein).

Don't get me wrong - I'm not beating myself up about it.  I actually feel ok - it seems the exercise is balancing the eating out, but I haven't been LOSING any weight.  I think it's just because it's cold and wintery.  Time to start slow cooker stews and other such dinners.

Exercise-wise I tried to run today as I had a day mostly off, but had been to the fish shop to buy sea bass and they sell eggs so I bought some of them too.  I had planned to run home (this week it's 3 minute run/walk, 5 minute run/walk - repeat) but when I tried running with the eggs they made ominous clacking sounds as they hit each other in the box!

I managed one 5 minute run... and just walked fast all the way home (20mins) apart from that.  The eggs made it home intact.

We have lots on the go at the moment - some learning and some other plans I'm not quite ready to share.  It's giving me little room for boredom!!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Exercise Log ....

Sunday morning I drove my other half to work dressed in my weird ugly leggings t-shirt lightweight-waterproof outfit so I could go for a run. 

It was drizzling.

When I got back to Glasgow to run in the park it had developed into a full on downpour.

Within 5 minutes I was soaked, but I ploughed on through - the warm-up walk wasn't particularly warming.  In fact I was shivering, but the first run was far more welcome as a result.

Initially I hopped over puddles, but after a section of path that was completely submerged and gave me no option but to embrace wetness entirely, splashing in puddles also became entertaining!

After 25 minutes of freezing cold watery running/walking I got back in the car. I  considered taking some clothes off to minimise damp in the car, but when I made a vague attempt to peel the sodden cotton off my body it was just too difficult and I drip-drove back to the house for a much-needed bath!

In the afternoon I had a Beethoven concert, so got back in the car and was surprised to find that the seat was dry, but the seatbelt had retained the moisture (I suppose when it retracted into it's plastic shell that it stayed nice and soggy).  Lovely!

The concert was fun - drove back - had some toast...

All in all it was an interesting day.