one step at a time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm going to head over to your blogs soon to see how you have been getting on.  It's been the typical Christmas build-up here with concerts, shopping, making stuff.  Busy enough to keep me offline.

I probably won't be round much til after the New Year so would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year a bit early.... (that's it done!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

snow experiment

It's a bit hard to see... but the experiment was excecuted perfectly, however in my amazement I poured the remaining boiling water down my arm.  What a doofus!

Still - it was worth it.  Made my day.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's s s s s so c c c cold... brr.

I tried chucking a kettle of water into the air today not thinking it would really do anything.

It made snow!

It's THAT cold here!!

Sad! And Happy.

Well Brownies has been snowed off for 2 weeks in a row.

Last week my DC (also halls boss-lady for church) texted me to cancel Brownies. One of those times when I think a phone call would be better as I'd have had better explanations for my kids when I rang them all if I'd know WHY exactly - Icy?  Slippery? Heating problems?

This week we were to have the division christmas concert, but the snow here on Monday closed the entire city - shops closed, trains stopped, buses were cancelled... I haven't been to school for a fortnight.  I'll be skint - now glad I bought so many presents on my credit card this year!.

Anyway - my house must be pristine I hear you remark, with all this time off.  Haha... or not.

I am going to do some work now - practise I mean.  Yippee.

Friday, December 03, 2010

UK Weather-Watch

Well it has all gone a bit Wintery in the UK!

We have had a lot of snow here lately and I feel as though I am on permanent weather-watch.  At the moment it's 5am-ish and I am awake for two reasons:  My boyfriend snort-snored suddenly extremely loudly scaring me out of my slumber, and I've got to get to Anstruther on Sat for work and don't fancy my chances much.

However the weather forecast is changing every time I check.  It is also not correct - the current weather on the BBC website (generally more reliable than elsewhere) is wrong.   Visibility here is excellent - says v poor - and we have no snow and have had none all night.

I would like to book a train for this weekend but don't know if they'll run.  There also is no train station in the village I'm playing.

I would book a bus but none run in the evening so I'd be stuck there overnight.  Car it is!

On Sat when the snow started we were so excited that we grabbed the nearest clothes (I was in PJ's - it was midnight) and headed out.  I had just done a xmas gig - so the Santa hat and heeled shoes were out... I also have on 3 jumpers, a coat and a scarf. Looking good, eh?!

 Gleneagles - Saturday day
 A tree.  I like it - snowy and crisp against beautifully clear blue sky.  
This was Gleneagles too - I have lots of photos as I was playing the Girlguiding Centenary Fanfare for the last time (fingers crossed) this year and got a lift up with one of the event organisers so arrived 2hrs early with nothing much to do.  I played for a while in the hotel til someone came in to prepare the room for the do, then went for a walk in the snow.  New snow is fun - I can't help myself messing it up! 

Got an East Coast train on Sunday morning - view from the train of the coast South of Edinburgh.