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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hello - I am working and trying not to be distracted too much, so have avoided the blog for a week.

Thank you very much Tawny for the award! I'll post it & pass it on asap.

I have a big pile of stuff to do for playing, cousin's wedding, teaching, Brownies, tax, household. I do now feel like I'm getting somewhere, but it's by no means under control so I really have to get my head down.

I hope everyone's well - might give myself a target and use reading your blogs as my reward... worth a try!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Term started! It was good fun but our capacity is stretched and I accepted another 3 kids last night.

Technically it's ok because if I have a helper I'm still within ratio and if I don't have a helper I'm over ratio anyway so three more makes no difference. I just have to make sure we always have a helper.

I've learnt something though: The problem I've noticed over the last few weeks is that we can't play the running round games any more because we don't have room for the number of kids we have to play them safely.

We tried 'Fishes' - a girl tripped over. Then another tripped (more painfully). So we can't play that on a busy night.

We played 'Port/Starboard' last night and two girls fell over in the rush, so that one doesn't work either. I changed the game so they played with different movements - such as HOPPING TO PORT (translates as hop to the far right of the room), or SKIPPING TO BOW etc. That way we avoided any further injuries, but it's not brilliant.

I glossed over it and moved on to play The Princess and the Serving Girls (which most of them love) as it's quiet and slow. However they want to run around.

There are active games like 'Beans' where they mostly do actions on the spot (runner beans - run, jumping beans - jump, string beans - stretch up). If you can think of any I might not know - I'd love them.

I'm sure that as long as I keep them occupied with activities they enjoy the Brownies won't notice that we aren't playing the running games any more. I'm pleased that the unit seems to be thriving - and want to make sure that continues!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


If you've been to Canada - see previous post!

I need to work out what cool things my pack can do this year. We had a lot of new starts and coasted along quite happily last year. We did quite a lot - and had the parents in for hostess badge clauses.. but now we're settled in I want to get more going.

I thought it would be best to start by trying to remember all the cool things we have done before. As I have a terrible memory I plan to use my blog for this.

Happily, while I dredge the archives here for inspiration I am watching the start of Celebrity Dancing On Ice (before the pub quiz).


This summer we are thinking of going to Canada.......... Have you been?

If you've been - how much did you like it?

Thursday, January 08, 2009


This is it then - back to the grind. Brownies is back next week and I think it's about time I got on this 'Changing the World' bandwagon.

Last term Guiding UK brought out a programme of activities which were mainly ways to raise money for charities. My reaction therefore was to sack the idea as we already had our charity activity done.

However I have had another look at it and there are a few we could do that are practical charity activities. So - I'll present them to the kids on Tuesday and will hope they choose the Woodland Trust as that's my favourite!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ashamed of myself!

Sat in my PJ's with a bowl of pasta, my laptop, and the Gilmore Girls the doorbell rang.

I shouted 'hello?' and the reply was 'It's the piano tuner'.

I then had to run round finding clothes quick smart so I could let him in. I had to admit that I had no cash (so needed to pay by cheque) and I had to clear the top of the piano with him standing there.

I was embarrassed!

My next act of genius was to take the Christmas tree out while he was there, so he could finish the job and emerge into a hall coated in pine needles.

This leaves me now with the exciting task of hoovering. Hoovering is officially my least favourite household task apart from cleaning hair from plug holes which I can't do without gagging. Even when it has to be my own hair. Bleurgh.

To look at the positives, I also have to put the washing on but have done most of the washing up already. Washing clothes is soooo easy. Washing dishes I quite like. Washing cutlery I don't like.

What's your favourite household task? Or your least favourite?

oh well.....

They said they'd call on Monday night or Tuesday either way. I haven't had a call - I think that probably means I didn't get it.

Ah well - never mind.

Otherwise: I haven't much to tell you as I am just sat in my PJ's watching a pilot of the Gilmore Girls, after which I must tidy up a lot before teaching this evening.

Monday, January 05, 2009

La la la

Today I had a job interview.

No idea how it went. Obviously I think I'm brilliant - but not sure they will agree.

Anyhoo - pub calls x

Sunday, January 04, 2009

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh - f'ing student loans company

Having had nothing but hassle from the SLC defering my own loans, my boyfriend is now suffering similar treatment in his attempt to defer his own loans.

At times I think I should just pay them back to get them off my back... but we were forced to take the loans as the government withdrew university funding the year we started university - leaving us and our families with no opportunity to save up to go. Therefore I resent the fact that I have a loan at all, and will not pay one penny back unless I absolutely HAVE to.


Thursday, January 01, 2009


Today we decided in the end that we would go for a drive and then a stroll. We headed towards Stirling (sort of) and stopped at the Falls of Falloch.

There were icicles everywhere. It was stunning!

We arrived at the waterfall to find a wetsuit-wearing lady running in circles at the top of the pathway. Surely she wouldn't go in??? Actually, she would.

That made my day - watching a nutty lady and her friend climb down into a sub-zero river for a swim. Ha ha!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Today we're debating what to do with a day off. Hope you have fun days.