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Thursday, January 08, 2009


This is it then - back to the grind. Brownies is back next week and I think it's about time I got on this 'Changing the World' bandwagon.

Last term Guiding UK brought out a programme of activities which were mainly ways to raise money for charities. My reaction therefore was to sack the idea as we already had our charity activity done.

However I have had another look at it and there are a few we could do that are practical charity activities. So - I'll present them to the kids on Tuesday and will hope they choose the Woodland Trust as that's my favourite!


The Guider said...

We haven't started it yet, but I know our division thinking day is pegged around it, for the deaf charity one, and we're doing red cross as a unit later in the term.

Good luck!

Bond said...

A great thing you are doing with the young girls TC