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Sunday, January 11, 2009


If you've been to Canada - see previous post!

I need to work out what cool things my pack can do this year. We had a lot of new starts and coasted along quite happily last year. We did quite a lot - and had the parents in for hostess badge clauses.. but now we're settled in I want to get more going.

I thought it would be best to start by trying to remember all the cool things we have done before. As I have a terrible memory I plan to use my blog for this.

Happily, while I dredge the archives here for inspiration I am watching the start of Celebrity Dancing On Ice (before the pub quiz).


Tawny said...

When I did brownies, they loved doing the Traditions Badge, get in touch with your County Archivist and see if you can borrow some stuff for them to use.

TopChamp said...

Hi Tawny! - That's one we have never done. I will have a browse on the website just now to find out what that one involves.

Anndi said...

Celebrity Dancing on Ice? OH MY GOD!! How cool! (No pun intended, but ha!)