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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adam Ant Tour 2011.

Tonight we are going to see Adam Ant!  See - something actually exciting (and a bit weird) to tell you.

This is to remind me really that I'd like to update the blog afterwards - I expect it will be funny.  I HOPE there will be audience members dressed appropriately.

To avoid any confusion from the uneducated please see the weird and wonderful Mr Adam Ant....


It was amazing.  I really liked it.  He looked pretty good and the venue was huge so felt a bit empty but when I tried  a rough headcount it was maybe 1000.

He has still got it - he can sing well and the double drum-kit set-up means you feel the vibrations through your body as soon as the gig starts.  The songs are better than I'd remembered and the show overall was excellent.  He had 2 kits, 2 guitarists, 2 hot singing/dancing ladies, plus the great Mr Adam Ant with his pirate outfit in the centre.  I found I could sing along to more songs than I realised I knew.

Admittedly Adam Ant is physically a bit awkward - other than his Adam Ant dance moves his other dancing is as awkward as your dancing Grandpa.  Looking back at old videos I think that may have always been the case!

On a few occasions I was reminded of the film Music And Lyrics, in which Hugh Grant plays an 80's pop star still singing the same songs making the the moves the fans still want to see to make some cash after his career stalled.  Adam Ant has a new album out next year but he's definitely had a few career lows (and mental health issues).  I found I really did want to see the moves... my favourite moments were when they did Prince Charming and Puss in Boots.

I wonder if Adam Ant is going bald?  I think he must be.  His pirate hat was never removed, even when the jacket and shirt were (revealling his own gig t-shirt cut down to a vest then ripped down the front - Love that he wore his own current tour t-shirt onstage.  If the aim was to sell it succeeded, as he had a queue at the merchandise stand at the end).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life & Routine

I'm getting old!

Lately I have felt I am losing the fun I previously found in my daily routine. I suppose this is inevitable.  I have worked I'm the same part time job for 6+yrs, worked in another for 2 yrs, a third for 3/4 yrs...

I have become lazy and complacent. I know what I'm doing and I find much of it easy.  I enjoy it well enough and I know I can maintain a decent standard of living doing what I do.

I feel dissatisfied because I do nothing to push myself. I have several ideas that I should follow up but am not sure where to start and so do nothing. On the flip side I am not stressed and have enough time to relax.

I fill my time with crafts and cooking. What happened to my career drive?
Is this what prompts people to start families? Boredom, the feeling of getting stuck in a rut? Or is it the natural development of a person, part of the aging process? Is it the realisation that you are now experienced, and the desire to recapture some excitement of seeing things for the first time?

I need to get out and learn some new skills. Take some evening classes or find a new job. I'm only 32 and might well have a good few years yet!

P.s.made chutneys - want to see?

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Bloody Mary & mount gay rum. Not at the same time. Fun.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Catch up

Last time I posted, I was about to go in Brownie pack holiday as QM.

Well there were challenges: making 26 rounds of toast to go out as close to all at once as possible. I found there was a 4 slice toaster which was great.... Only on the last day as I packed up I found another 4 slice toaster. Eight at once would have made life easier. Oh well!

Of the 4 Brownie packs I had the only 2 homesick kids, but it turned out they were really just upset as they had been put in separate groups. Easily fixed.

The kids enjoyed it - reviewers last night liked watching a movie best (101 Dalmations - Disney classic of Brownies' choosing!).

Netherurd is a lively facility but too expensive for us really. Even without any of the cool outdoor sports activities and with almost free crafts (pine cone bird feeders) it cost £65 each. Given that we have a closer site with similar facilities costing £35 where we probably have money to pay for crafts too it's not worth the difference.