one step at a time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We just saw 18 nests in a single blackthorn hedge.

Mistlethrush, blackbirds, robins, a chaffinch and a bluebird were watching us walk by; guarding the half-built nests.

Buds on the bushes will hide them soon, so I took a picture from afar and tried not to upset the birds.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tea Party

Tomorrow night we are holding a tea party at Brownies.

We are selling Red Nose cookies.

We are singing La Cucaracha.

We are doing the Mexican Hat Dance...

(We are demonstrating what we learnt at Thinking Day!)

I am getting a chance to chat to the parents for a bit.

Wish us luck!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Running Round (quite happy!)

This weekend I was away having fun in Birmingham (and doing my OU Welsh!).  We went to the Black Country Museum.  Fantastic!  There are shops to go in where you can buy things made as they would have been made during the Industrial Revolution.  There's a mine to go down, a boat to go on (costs extra - didn't do it), houses to see, demonstrations of people working doing things in the original ways - we saw someone making a chain link by link.

If you are ever in the Birmingham area - go to the Black Country Museum.  Give yourself the whole day.  Make sure you go to the houses at the top near the entrance - my best bit.

This week has gone something like this:

Monday:  Up at 5.30am. 
Climbed Ben Lomond (967m) from 10m above sea level.  Hurt on the way down.  Did it as fast as we could.  It was icy/snowy at the top - and very cold in the thick cloud.  You can't see the top in my photo.
Worked in the evening.


Tuesday: Up at 6.30am
Worked in Edinburgh - 7.15 departure from home... 6.30pm return.
Brownies - made shortbread red nose biscuits
Finished the baking at home (using left-over dough).

Wednesday: Up later (7.30ish but for no good reason).
Worked in Edinburgh: 9.00am departure.
Worked in Dundee at night - home 11.30pm

Thursday: Normal job - 9-5
NOTHING TO DO AT NIGHT (except practice... should also have done Welsh but didn't).

Friday: Normal job.
Working in Dundee tonight (home 12.00 as on the train)

Saturday: Working

Sunday: Working

Monday: DAY OFF! (til 3.30).. might find a slightly smaller hill...

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Blue Peter Giant Bunting Challenge

Here is one of our two entries. The other was just a big bit of fabric with our unit number on it.

Other news; I am in Birmingham  (more accurately Halesowen) this weekend having travelled down for a Welsh lesson!

Writing that down it seems a bit mad: travelling from Scotland to ENGLAND for a Welsh lesson.

It was good, but I wrecked it a bit by being hungover (unfairly.... Had some wine on arrival with friend and family but not loads and not that late!).  It is not an easy language to learn despite my many Welsh-speaking family members.  I really like it though.

There is a cockerel somewhere nearby! I am in a really built up part of Britain. Birmingham is huge and sprawling - there are houses as far as you can see in every direction. Halesowen is a separate town, but it joins up with Birmingham - or it appears to me that it does.

So it seems strange to hear a cockerel (at 5am).

I presume it is in someone's garden.