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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last night we went to a pub quiz and came 1st! WOO HOO.
Last Tuesday we went to a pub quiz and came 3rd! woo hoo.
Last Sunday we went to a pub quiz and came 1st! WOO HOO.
I'm rubbish with general knowledge. The two times we have won recently have been when we have combined with other people with MUCH knowledge. Last night it was a friend, the Sunday quiz was with my boyfriend's mum and sister who it seems share my boyfriend's ability to soak up random facts and RETAIN them- the part I fail in.
So I'm riding high anyway - flushed with success. It was fun!
Tonight is our Brownie halloween party. I am planning it right now (miles in advance...)
The plan so far:
Costume contest.
I have my halloween music tracks ready for musical scary statues. They like this as they get to join in even after they're knocked out by trying to make the others laugh or twitch.
Of course there must be apple bobbing.
Pin the wart on the witch (picture to be drawn when I get to Brownies as I don't have huge bits of paper here).
Halloween Corners Game
Stick up large pictures in the four corners of a room. Play some music and when it stops, each child runs to a corner . The music operator without looking then calls out one corner. Anyone in that corner are out. The last person left is the winner.
and that's as far as I have got..... need a couple more methinks. I'm debating possibly a halloween-themed chocolate game. (that's the one where you roll the dice and if you get a six you can run into the middle and put all the items of clothes on, then you get a knife and fork and chop up chocolate - anything you have time to cut off you can eat but the others are still dice rolling while you do this and if anyone else rolls a six they usurp you and take over).

Strictly Come Dancing

I missed the show this week - so had to watch it from the clips on the bbc website. By the time I saw it I had already seen the result, so it was just a case of see if they were right to have put the person out who went. Prompted by reading Trav's review I want to show you what happened.

This week was half American Smooth, half Samba. I don't really like American Smooth - it's a bit slow and schmaltzy for me but I'll post you Kelly Brook's as she's gorgeous and did a good one (although the Judges chucked a wobbly over the number of lifts).

warning: the videos are the long ones with all the background in too...

It was Gabby Logan who was knocked out this week, and I didn't think she was too bad overall. Having said this I didn't really like her routine either.

She was in the bottom two along with Penny Lancaster whose routine I liked.

I'm gonna miss this for the next two weeks too so will be catching up from clips after the event. Hopefully I won't see something so ridiculous next week.

Monday, October 29, 2007

daytime TV! (and manic monday)

I have just got in after going to the instrument repair shop and having treated myself to a hair cut. This is quite a big treat for me. I'm a bit hair obsessed as I have really thick curly hair (not as curly as Kyra's - it's a wavier curl) and it's quite difficult to control. As I am self-employed I tend to need to spend money on extras when I have it - as I can't plan when it'll come in that easily. I have grabbed the opportunity this morning to have a well overdue cut. And I love it although it is really quite short for me. I'd post you a picture only I don't like photos of me.

The WORST music I have everheard has just come on the telly (I'm having a lunch break and am in the habit of switching the tv on even if I'm on the internet at the same time). It's amazing what you get on daytime TV. David Jordan is the singer. I have never heard him before - and this sounds such a load of cr'p I hope I don't hear him again. Still - he moves well.

Anyway - I have a job application to do (teaching) and start work at half 3 today so I had best go and get on with it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

my head's nipping

It's been a funny few weeks:

I've been working... but in between working I have been home to see my parents. They have a new kitten who is TINY. I stayed at my parent's house for 5 days or so and was woken by this kitten alarm at half past five daily. This is weirdly endearing despite the ridiculous time of morning - as she only wanted to play really.
Luckily enough my Dad was unwilling to part with her, so I have not smuggled her back to Glasgow and can now enjoy a lie in til half 7.
I am a little hungover today and thought I just saw Johnhny Depp singing on tv.... is it in my head? I will go and find out more and come to see how everyone is doing a wee bit later on.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


makes the heart grow fonder. With any luck.

I have been away and would love to blog all about it but I have to go out tonight so will have to wait to catch up in a few more days.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24

Thirteen reasons why I'm TTing so late on a Thursday this week

1. I didn't prepare yesterday.

2. I got up too late to do it before work.

3. School is off this week so I'm in the office every day.

4. It has so far been a lousy week at work.

5. I really want to tell you why it's such a lousy week but I
can't blog this in case I get the sack.

6. I met my boyfriend and a boy friend for a drink after work tonight.

7. I got home very late.

8. It was my bloggoversary on the 16th, and I just wanted the fun to keep on coming.

9. The light bulb went in the kitchen. It was the last one still working - we have spotlight things that I hate.

10. This meant that I had to try to chop carrots, potatoes, swede and onions in the dark.
11. I then had to add the carrots and onions to the remaining ingredients which make up shepherd's pie in the dark.

12. I was hungry - so had to eat the shepherd's pie.

13. I have been/am very tired.
Update: I am a bit more cheerful today thanks to waking up to lots of comments from you guys - many thanks x

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

it's my party!!!!

It's my bloggoversary! Ignoring my boyfriend (something which I am very comfortable doing) who does not think that a year of blogging is something to celebrate, I am taking suggestions from Bond and Travis who both seem up for a party!

Bond suggested a party. Trav volunteered to jump out of the cake (tossing walnuts?). Thanks guys!

I have party hats for you to wear if you stay and read. I'll have a cake ready too for those who make it to the end!
For a party these days it's usually a barbecue and some beers, but as the blog's a bit young....

How about party games? (The blog's only 1).

Meanwhile I have some entertainment for the grown ups. Whilst the ladies are lucky enough to have Travis and his walnut tossing, the gentlemen might like something too. (avert your eyes if you're a little person).

Just time now for MY cake!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I can't count.. OK more accurately- I can't work out the counter at the top of the blog!

From checking posts it's actually the 16th October that is the blog's birthday. So I have a couple of days to prepare yet.

Having said this - I spent the later part of yesterday evening baking cakes for it. I suppose the photos can't go stale!

Today I am having a day off (morning off at least) and am reading 'The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets' - Eva Rice. It's chick lit.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's only a game

Following from my most recent TT (see no. 8) I have been quite seriously pondering the question 'if you only had 1 bullet, who would you shoot'. You have to bear in mind for the purposes of the game that it's not a real case of planning murder... in fact you probably avoid thinking about any reality of shooting or the game stops being fun.

SO: Cerys Matthews or Aled Jones....? I should give you more information about them perhaps.

Cerys M
Aled Jones

Cerys Matthews: She is the Welsh ex-singer in ex-pop group Catatonia. Which is a group that I can imagine I might have liked a lot - except that her voice annoys me more than I can explain. She also has had some serious mental health issues.

I'm not putting a video up as I really don't like her voice... but I'll give you a LINK in case you can be bothered to find out if you like it for yourself.

Aled Jones: He's a good Christian Welshman. Please don't be offended those of you who are religious... but I have to say that this doesn't immediately win me over. The Welshman bit does actually a little.

Quite honestly I have no real problem with his voice - it's inoffensive. He does VERY little solo it seems - so it's hard to give you an idea. But try this LINK (which I actually quite like for the cute choirboy).

My problem with him is that he comes across as dull. And is only famous because he did Walking in the Air as a child. And even then it wasn't in the film - only in the CD release.

So in conclusion, for me I think it is Cerys who gets the bullet. I'm not sure how much it would hurt her though, as I'm lining up the violinists of the world in front of her.

If you only had 1 bullet who would you shoot?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Blog to Read

Just realised Sunday is my bloggoversary.
Any ideas for how to celebrate?

I have been introduced by a friend from work to a new blog and would like to draw your attention to it.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

If you ever wondered about the Scottish Clootie Dumpling, or maybe fancy a time waster game then Mrs Moanaminute is the lady for you.

If you have a minute to pop over I think it would be well worth the visit!

Thursday Thirteen #24

Good morning - I started to feel better last night around 1opm and by bedtime was shattered. This morning I feel great.

So I'm trying to think of a positive TT for today.

13 Things that make me Smile

1. A sunny day (need to remember what these are like as we head into winter).
2. A day off.
3. Good trumpet playing - whether I'm doing it myself or listening to it.
4. Laughter.
5. Jokes from pupils (particularly one called Ryan).
6. Leaving the office early.
7. The bus turning up just after I reach the bus stop (reminder to self - LEAVE ON TIME OR YOU'LL BE LATE AGAIN).
8. The thought of getting rid of the music I hate (just saw an advert for a Cerys Matthews, Aled Jones duet... the prospect alone is enough to make me think 'if I only had 1 bullet').
9. Dancing shows.
10. Long walks combining hills, woods and water. Got to do one of these last week and LOVED it. Smiled a lot.
11. Good nights at Brownies.
12. Nice blog comments.
13. Speaking to friends.

If you want to leave a link in my Mr Linky box PLEASE leave a comment. It irritates me otherwise.... If I could work out how to do it I'd remove your links without comments, however I have not cracked it yet.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

beurgh... not well today

Today I got up and went to Edinburgh to teach. I was hungry but didn't have time to get breakfast so had a naughty bag of hula hoop crisps on the road, with a petrol station cup of coffee (which is a bit grim generally). I felt a bit clammy but put it down to slightly damp hair.

I got there pretty early so did a bit of piano practise before my first pupil turned up. She came in just to say that she had forgotten her trumpet and as I have just had a tiny cold-sore I was not about to offer mine (no spare mouthpiece).

I went to get my second pupil early... to find that she was off ill today.

I then went to get my third pupil instead - and taught a lesson but came over with waves of nausea during the lesson (which I ignored as far as possible as I was teaching).

During the forth pupil's lesson I felt sick again - not massively but definitely not good. Fortunately this was the last one today so I could go home.

On the way to the car the feeling got worse. I had been feeling a bit sweaty too during teaching but hadn't really thought anything of it. On my journey home I had to stop for more petrol - and got cold sweats in the petrol station.

I have cancelled my evening plans today - as when I arrived home I nearly fell over with dizziness getting out of the car.

Now I'm sat watching telly still feeling weird. I feel hot but the hairs on my arms are standing up as if it's cold. I'm still dizzy/spaced out. And I am hungry again - which is not good as I'm not risking eating. Much as I hope that I'm just suffering from having such crap for breakfast I'm not entirely convinced. Might have a kip and see if that cures it.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First Aid

Tonight is Brownie night again.

This means I have jobs to do today. Fortunately I have a fab friend who is coming to teach my Brownie pack first aid tonight which gets me off the hook fairly successfully I hope!

I must: Buy bandages & bring squares of fabric with which to make slings.
Buy First Aid badges from the Guide Shop.

Think that's about it - how easy is that!!!

I also have some accounting to do so I'll get that done first.

Update: I have done all the stupid accounting and banking etc... only to e-mail Girlguiding SCOTLAND and find that they don't use the same forms as the rest of the UK now. So I have to do it again on the form they kindly e-mailed me. BAH.

Update a bit later still (nearly 10 o'clock): It went really well! We have a slightly reluctant Brownie - she's often really naughty - and she loved the night too even so far as to volunteer answers when we did the test bit at the end to give them their badges.

They got to bandage each other up and to stop bleeding, learnt to do CPR (although they were not really strong enough to push the breast bone down), learnt how to check for danger in an incident, to call for help etc and to keep someone calm.

It was great fun - and many thanks are due to my friend for her help!

I now have 2 weeks off Brownies - 1 week is school holiday week, the next week I have someone else covering the pack and my trainee guider is running the night. I am pretty sure she'll be fine!

Strictly Come Dancing 2007 : Girls Group : 06/10/2007

Monday, October 08, 2007


I have had such a lazy day! I had nothing to do today - having worked all weekend - and decided it would be my Sunday.

So I have blog-hopped, played a game or two, done a wee bit of housework, read a bit..... and then started work from 3.30 teaching a bit. I only have 3 pupils on a Monday though so that passed quite quickly and I could go back to slobbery.

Yawn... it's tiring.

I plan to have a big walk tomorrow to make up for it.

I haven't mentioned our cat for a while - so I ought to give a quick update. He is fine- but he is winking today after my boyfriend opened the front door and gave him a whack on the head. He is quite happy though. He has had some chicken as a treat (to say sorry!) and also lots of stroking. I'd post you a picture but in the spirit of the day I really can't be bothered!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

sore neck!

I have been working today & have cricked my neck. Nothing much more to tell you about that other than it's sore. On Saturdays I teach in the mornings, and tutor at a junior band in the afternoon.

Teaching was quite a lot of fun. The kids are all doing good (particularly the ones who have managed to get the music they were meant to get) and I can see definite improvement.

At band though I had less fun. The first part is taken up by sectional rehearsals. This means that we split off into instruments(: 1st cornets, 2nd & 3rd cornets, horns, baritones & euphoniums, tubas, trombones, percussion) and work through the pieces for 45 minutes by ourselves before coming back into the main band to play together.

I had a couple of new kids in the section (I do 2nd & 3rd cornets) and so thought we'd go over the easiest piece first and I'd just let them get used to how it works. I didn't criticise any mistakes from them OR mention any time they were in the wrong place. I DID pick up mistakes from the kids who had been there 3 weeks and who I had said the same things to 3 weeks running. But I did NOT shout at ANYONE. I pointed out mistakes to the kids who had been there a while who all responded with giggles - we have fun at band.

Can you guess what's coming? Sure enough - one of the new kids started to snivel. It started as a snivel so I said 'don't worry - just follow along and play what you can. We've been practising this for 3 weeks so you aren't expected to be able to do everything straight away'.

We carried on rehearsing - I was ignoring the sniffles... until they turned into full blown crying with big sighs sniffs and shuddering.

I checked she was ok -I think she was just a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience so I took her out, found the conductor and asked her to sit with him to calm down a bit HOPING that he would let her know she'd get lots of help from me in the full band rehearsal. I'm sure he was overjoyed by this - but I couldn't really see what else I was meant to do, with another 8 kids in the room who were finding the crying fascinating.

We carried on with our sectional MUCH more successfully as the other kids didn't keep looking around to see whether she was still crying, then went to the full band rehearsal.

Fortunately the kid had calmed down by now, and I sat with her pointing at the music as we played, tanking out the 3rd cornet part to cover up any mistakes so she would feel ok about it.


I'm just naturally not a sympathetic person. I can cope with stuff like kids crying for a while, but after too long I just want to tell them to get a grip. Which obviously I can't do.

I like kids. I teach and volunteer at a Brownie pack, but my tolerance is only SO good and the things that tip me over the edge are:

Moaning or whining without doing anything to help yourself. Particularly if it descends into snivelling.
Playing stupid tunes on the piano at my Brownie pack when they've been told NOT TO TOUCH IT!

I'm sure there are load more. I'll store this post up and add to the list as I think of them.


All of the above leads me to the firm conclusion that kids aren't for me. I'll teach them, and do fun things on a Tuesday night for an hour or so. I'll go and see kids belonging to friends and find them cute. But I really don't want one of my own - couldn't be doing with it 24/7.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21

I'm very much losing count of the number of these I have done. DEFINITELY over 20 now.

Anyway - I have been busy for a couple of weeks with work, but also because my boyfriend's sister and her fella have visited us, and afterwards we have been to stay with two of our friends who were renting a cottage not far from here.
And that has been fantastic - It has fitted around my work. My boyfriend has had time off.

Here are 13 pictures from our trip to a cottage near Inveraray yesterday.

the cottage

the banks of Loch Fyne


plantlife.... my boyfriend's a botanist.

studying a mushroom...