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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last night we went to a pub quiz and came 1st! WOO HOO.
Last Tuesday we went to a pub quiz and came 3rd! woo hoo.
Last Sunday we went to a pub quiz and came 1st! WOO HOO.
I'm rubbish with general knowledge. The two times we have won recently have been when we have combined with other people with MUCH knowledge. Last night it was a friend, the Sunday quiz was with my boyfriend's mum and sister who it seems share my boyfriend's ability to soak up random facts and RETAIN them- the part I fail in.
So I'm riding high anyway - flushed with success. It was fun!
Tonight is our Brownie halloween party. I am planning it right now (miles in advance...)
The plan so far:
Costume contest.
I have my halloween music tracks ready for musical scary statues. They like this as they get to join in even after they're knocked out by trying to make the others laugh or twitch.
Of course there must be apple bobbing.
Pin the wart on the witch (picture to be drawn when I get to Brownies as I don't have huge bits of paper here).
Halloween Corners Game
Stick up large pictures in the four corners of a room. Play some music and when it stops, each child runs to a corner . The music operator without looking then calls out one corner. Anyone in that corner are out. The last person left is the winner.
and that's as far as I have got..... need a couple more methinks. I'm debating possibly a halloween-themed chocolate game. (that's the one where you roll the dice and if you get a six you can run into the middle and put all the items of clothes on, then you get a knife and fork and chop up chocolate - anything you have time to cut off you can eat but the others are still dice rolling while you do this and if anyone else rolls a six they usurp you and take over).


Akelamalu said...

Congratulations. I love pub quizzes, MWM used to be on a team so he's quite handy to have around! :)

Bond said...

I am like that brain is full of totally useless information that only is worthwhile in trivia type contests!


Mrs Successful said...

We 'nearly won' our quiz night at The Primary in February with your 'friend' topchamp. Maybe if you stick at it you'll get your photo on this site and we'll all get to see your new hairstyle!

Travis said...

Sometimes I do well at trivia and quizzes, sometimes not.

Hey I like that Corners game. Sounds a lot less dangerous than musical chairs.

Have fun!

kailani said...

Those are some pretty cool events! I'll have to remember them for next year!

Julie said...

Oh yeah! Trivia....i love it and played some tonight during dinner!