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Saturday, October 27, 2007

my head's nipping

It's been a funny few weeks:

I've been working... but in between working I have been home to see my parents. They have a new kitten who is TINY. I stayed at my parent's house for 5 days or so and was woken by this kitten alarm at half past five daily. This is weirdly endearing despite the ridiculous time of morning - as she only wanted to play really.
Luckily enough my Dad was unwilling to part with her, so I have not smuggled her back to Glasgow and can now enjoy a lie in til half 7.
I am a little hungover today and thought I just saw Johnhny Depp singing on tv.... is it in my head? I will go and find out more and come to see how everyone is doing a wee bit later on.


Akelamalu said...

You didn't bring kitty home? I'm a little hungover today too, but it won't stop me going out again tonight! :)

PS I've posted another Nursery Rhyme Quiz today if you fancy a go. :)

Julie said...

Johnny Depp sings? Oh can it be?

Precious little kitty there TC!

Travis said...

Tiny kitties are wonderful. My huge cat keeps getting in my spot every time I get up. If he was smaller I could scoop him up and sit back down.

As it is I have to wrestle him for my seat!