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Friday, October 12, 2007

It's only a game

Following from my most recent TT (see no. 8) I have been quite seriously pondering the question 'if you only had 1 bullet, who would you shoot'. You have to bear in mind for the purposes of the game that it's not a real case of planning murder... in fact you probably avoid thinking about any reality of shooting or the game stops being fun.

SO: Cerys Matthews or Aled Jones....? I should give you more information about them perhaps.

Cerys M
Aled Jones

Cerys Matthews: She is the Welsh ex-singer in ex-pop group Catatonia. Which is a group that I can imagine I might have liked a lot - except that her voice annoys me more than I can explain. She also has had some serious mental health issues.

I'm not putting a video up as I really don't like her voice... but I'll give you a LINK in case you can be bothered to find out if you like it for yourself.

Aled Jones: He's a good Christian Welshman. Please don't be offended those of you who are religious... but I have to say that this doesn't immediately win me over. The Welshman bit does actually a little.

Quite honestly I have no real problem with his voice - it's inoffensive. He does VERY little solo it seems - so it's hard to give you an idea. But try this LINK (which I actually quite like for the cute choirboy).

My problem with him is that he comes across as dull. And is only famous because he did Walking in the Air as a child. And even then it wasn't in the film - only in the CD release.

So in conclusion, for me I think it is Cerys who gets the bullet. I'm not sure how much it would hurt her though, as I'm lining up the violinists of the world in front of her.

If you only had 1 bullet who would you shoot?


the108 said...

the chick is hotter.

Akelamalu said...

Shoot Aled - I like Cerys!

If I had 1 bullet I'd shoot my boss!

Fraser said...

The Pope. This one, the next one; doesn't matter which.

Julie said...

Hmmm...this is very hard NOT to be serious about....I'm thinking of someone who doesn't deserve to live. I'm thinking of a very nasty controlling person.