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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Strictly Come Dancing

I missed the show this week - so had to watch it from the clips on the bbc website. By the time I saw it I had already seen the result, so it was just a case of see if they were right to have put the person out who went. Prompted by reading Trav's review I want to show you what happened.

This week was half American Smooth, half Samba. I don't really like American Smooth - it's a bit slow and schmaltzy for me but I'll post you Kelly Brook's as she's gorgeous and did a good one (although the Judges chucked a wobbly over the number of lifts).

warning: the videos are the long ones with all the background in too...

It was Gabby Logan who was knocked out this week, and I didn't think she was too bad overall. Having said this I didn't really like her routine either.

She was in the bottom two along with Penny Lancaster whose routine I liked.

I'm gonna miss this for the next two weeks too so will be catching up from clips after the event. Hopefully I won't see something so ridiculous next week.


Akelamalu said...

I've not watched all of it because I have to keep flicking backwards and forwards to watch X Factor.

I can't make my mind up whether I live Penny's dancing or not - her legs seem to get in the way!

Travis said...

Thanks for the clips!

I love the American Smooth. That was a great dance...and it was even better with the lifts. Your show allows lifts - and they should have stuck with the two they are allowed. But it really was a 10 dance.

I didn't care for the two Sambas, although I think I liked Gabby's better than Penny's. But that was more about the choreography than anything.

I'm having trouble finding my encore clips tonight dangit!