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Monday, October 29, 2007

daytime TV! (and manic monday)

I have just got in after going to the instrument repair shop and having treated myself to a hair cut. This is quite a big treat for me. I'm a bit hair obsessed as I have really thick curly hair (not as curly as Kyra's - it's a wavier curl) and it's quite difficult to control. As I am self-employed I tend to need to spend money on extras when I have it - as I can't plan when it'll come in that easily. I have grabbed the opportunity this morning to have a well overdue cut. And I love it although it is really quite short for me. I'd post you a picture only I don't like photos of me.

The WORST music I have everheard has just come on the telly (I'm having a lunch break and am in the habit of switching the tv on even if I'm on the internet at the same time). It's amazing what you get on daytime TV. David Jordan is the singer. I have never heard him before - and this sounds such a load of cr'p I hope I don't hear him again. Still - he moves well.

Anyway - I have a job application to do (teaching) and start work at half 3 today so I had best go and get on with it.


Jamie said...

TV & Internet? Now that's multi tasking.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Would love to see the new hairdo, but alas you don't like pictures of yourself. Have a great MM. :)

Mert said...

Nothing like a good hair cut! Happy MM :D

Villager said...

Great MM post. I enjoy the feel of a good haircut! Makes my rhino horn look sexier...

There were many directions to go with this week's MM words Trick or Treat. I chose to go with Trick and my MM post this week tells a different story about Black Magic.

peace, Villager

Travis said...

You got a hair cut at the instrument repair shop???


Sorry...just my silly sense of humor.