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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24

Thirteen reasons why I'm TTing so late on a Thursday this week

1. I didn't prepare yesterday.

2. I got up too late to do it before work.

3. School is off this week so I'm in the office every day.

4. It has so far been a lousy week at work.

5. I really want to tell you why it's such a lousy week but I
can't blog this in case I get the sack.

6. I met my boyfriend and a boy friend for a drink after work tonight.

7. I got home very late.

8. It was my bloggoversary on the 16th, and I just wanted the fun to keep on coming.

9. The light bulb went in the kitchen. It was the last one still working - we have spotlight things that I hate.

10. This meant that I had to try to chop carrots, potatoes, swede and onions in the dark.
11. I then had to add the carrots and onions to the remaining ingredients which make up shepherd's pie in the dark.

12. I was hungry - so had to eat the shepherd's pie.

13. I have been/am very tired.
Update: I am a bit more cheerful today thanks to waking up to lots of comments from you guys - many thanks x


jenn said...

I hope you get the rest you need. Happy TT!

Sniz said...

Those are all good reasons...many of which I apply fairly often to justify why I don't do a lot of things! :-)

Joyismygoal said...

hope your week gets better

Nancy J. Bond said...

In that case, you're excused! :) I hope you get some rest.

Travis said...

Maybe I should toss some more flaming walnuts so you have a little more light to see?

Anonymous said...

Wow.... It's been a challenging week for you.... Well, I hope things start looking up for the weekend!

Happy TT!

Julia said...

I feel you! I just managed to put the TT up yesterday, but commenting is today's work!

Greets Julia

CountryDew said...

Rough week! Hope the weekend's shaping up to something great.

Bond said...

watch your fingers when you chop in the dark!

Akelamalu said...

It can only get better! :)

Julie said...

LMOO @ Travis!

Well we do the best we can now don't we?

Nicholas said...

I could really do with a nice shepherd's pie right now.

Gattina said...

And I thought I would find a ghost story here and be scared to death ! Mrs. Lifecruiser wrote about a train station, watch out, lol !