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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24

Good morning - I started to feel better last night around 1opm and by bedtime was shattered. This morning I feel great.

So I'm trying to think of a positive TT for today.

13 Things that make me Smile

1. A sunny day (need to remember what these are like as we head into winter).
2. A day off.
3. Good trumpet playing - whether I'm doing it myself or listening to it.
4. Laughter.
5. Jokes from pupils (particularly one called Ryan).
6. Leaving the office early.
7. The bus turning up just after I reach the bus stop (reminder to self - LEAVE ON TIME OR YOU'LL BE LATE AGAIN).
8. The thought of getting rid of the music I hate (just saw an advert for a Cerys Matthews, Aled Jones duet... the prospect alone is enough to make me think 'if I only had 1 bullet').
9. Dancing shows.
10. Long walks combining hills, woods and water. Got to do one of these last week and LOVED it. Smiled a lot.
11. Good nights at Brownies.
12. Nice blog comments.
13. Speaking to friends.

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Rasmenia said...

I wish that just once, the bus would arrive just after I reach the stop - normally, I arrive just as the bus is pulling away from the stop. :)

Have a great Thursday!

CountryDew said...

Wow, we are on the same wavelength. My TT is about "how to make your day better" and includes some of the things in your list!

Gattina said...

If I would count the sunny days this year to be happy I think I would be with a deep depression in a hospital, lol ! I don't even know anymore how the sun looks like !

Samantha_K said...

Here's hoping Ryan gives you a laugh today!
Happy TT and smile, smile, smile!

Akelamalu said...

Ah #5 - I love a good laugh!

Christy said...

This is a great list. Smiling is so important. A sincere smile can pick up the spirits of both the smiler and its recipient.

Andi & Stien said...

Aaah! What a sweet list! Happy TT :-)

Joyismygoal said...

very nice I like those things too

Denise Patrick said...

Great list - I like #10, too.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Mama Pajama said...

I think I like all those things. I secretly have my clarinet from high school in the closet. One of these days I'm going to have to whip it out and see if I can still play it. I love trumpet as well!

kailani said...

I can hardly wait for winter! Not that it gets that cold here, but I'm so over the heat!

Morgan St. John said...

I love a happy day...and a happy list.

Thanks for sharing your gladness, I need that today! And thanks for visiting my blog. I love getting strangers in...that makes for less strangers.

Nicholas said...

I'm definitely with you on #12

Sniz said...

Loved number 8. Very funny! Good list!

Travis said...

Many excellent things on that list that could make me smile too.

Julie said...

OH yeah...great list TC! We should do a happy list at least every other month!