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Thursday, January 31, 2008


SO NOW IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Perspective... & Manic Monday - Wish

Some days things are put into perspective. Today is such a day.

I wish that there were no suffering in the world. I wish that bad things did not happen.

However they do. And sometimes I realise HOW lucky I am. And really how little I have to worry about. I have a home, a boyfriend, a job (or two or three), good health, a car, food, water... not much money but usually enough.

When I hear about bad or sad things I want to make it better. I think that's a girl thing - I want to hug it away. If only you could!

So I'll hug those I have. And I'll look after what I have. And be grateful that I have them.


Sometimes it's hard to get to sleep.

Sometimes not so hard.

Tonight I am not particularly sleepy but nobody in my household is awake and I am finding it hard to entertain myself.

I will wait for turnbaby's radio show.

We've been out tonight to the pub quiz. It was fun- we came 3rd and only got 4 questions wrong in the whole thing. We don't ever win this one!

I have had an old friend to visit this weekend which has been lovely. I hope she will visit again but I suspect that she probably won't, as she has suffered quite a reaction (allergy) to our cat while she's been here!! Runny nose, coughing, sore eyes and she says she can taste blood when she coughs...... shit!

Friday, January 25, 2008

a product of our society

well - it seems I am definitely of the modern ilk.

I am disinterested now - the sock has not grabbed me.

It takes a long time it seems, and is quite fiddly. I am considering giving up and making a hat.

I bought these needles on e-bay because I wanted to make a pretty hat.

hats.... Like em. More than socks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

miserable boot

Comments yesterday made me realise how miserable I've been of late. Well - boring in fact - but boring because I can't get the enthusiasm to do much just now.

Which means I haven't really got a lot to blog about!

So please accept my apologies - come back another day... I'll try to think of something interesting to tell you all x

Tonight we're finishing off healthy heart with Brownies. I will send them all home with a food diary to keep for a week to see if they are keen enough to actually get the badge! Otherwise there's not much going on here.

Update: I decided to get a grip and actually do the things that we were meant to be doing at Brownies at the moment. So instead of the quick 2 line note I had planned to send out I knuckled down and wrote a quick letter home.

I had written a note to ask parents to send a t-shirt along next week (plain one) as the girls would be doing t-shirt painting next week. We only had 11 there though so there will be up to 5 girls without t-shirts... unless I am organised enough to phone them.

I also asked the parents to let me know whether they would be able to send their children to camp after term ends.. as this is unusual for us. I hope that enough are keen - we have to pay a deposit so I do need an idea of numbers.

FINALLY I sent out a request for them to come along to Thinking Day. On one hand I hope that they go for this - as they'll get a special badge, and there are activities for them to do. On the other hand - I will have to get off work early to take them and that's a hassle for me. So I'll be vagually disappointed if they can't go... but pleased too. Confusing!

Healthy heart badge was ok - they quite enjoyed the challenge part - where they had to write down a vegetable or fruit from as many letters of the alphabet as they could.

We also did penants for a county competition - some of which turned out great! Hopefully they'll win something (we never have yet).

Monday, January 21, 2008



I like accounting and finance. I enjoy learning the rules and regulations of the FSA.

HOWEVER I do NOT like doing accounts for my Brownie pack. There are several reasons.

- I hate having to bag up coin and hand it in to the bank.
- I hate that every time I do this I forget to actually take the bank details, so end up having to go again the next day.
- I most of all hate that the spreadsheet we now need to use crashes every time I try to type in a formula.

Why can Girlguiding Scotland not just use the same bloody form as the rest of the uk??

I also have to do my tax today as it's now really close to the deadline. Balls.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Well I am glad I found my card because I had fun last night! I went out with my partner in crime pal with whom it's always fun. But we drank too much wine.

Just in case you would like to meet him.. here's a pic (not from yesterday)!

Now I am tired because I had to get up today early, as my boyfriend is working this weekend but I need the car for my work too later on. MOPED CALLING...

We have a new ice dancing tv show which they are showing a repeat of this morning. Dancing/icedancing tv show, toast, fruit... lots of water. I'm quite happy!
found it!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


One thing I haven't mentioned on my blog for a good while is the fact that I am a disorganised idiot.

Currently I am stuck for cash because I've mislaid my bank card. AAAAAAAAAGH. And I want to go for a beer in 20 minutes. Balls.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hate Wednesdays

I'd do a Wordless Wednesday woollie picture except I'd rather have a moan!

Wednesdays are now my worst day of the week and I will tell you why.

I have to get up to drive my boyfriend to his work at 7.15am (7 miles South) before driving home (7 miles North). I have 1/2 hour in the house then before it's time to drive to my work (50 or so miles East). I work then drive home (50 miles West). I then teach in my house. I have to pick my boyfriend up from work at 6pm (7 miles South). I then have an hour until I start my work (1 mile West) so we can't really go home so we kill time. I teach for 2 hours while he drives home (7 miles North). At 9pm I am finished and he comes to meet me (7 miles South) and takes me home (7 miles North).

So on a Wednesday it feels like a LOOONG day and we drive 143 miles backwards and forwards.

AND I have to be nice the WHOLE time as I am TEACHING. Which makes me tired.

So I have developed a solution. We are looking into the possibilities of buying a moped.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brownies - Healthy Heart

Tonight was Brownie night. I had a problem this week thinking of ideas as I had marked this down as launch fundraiser but then decided to go for the easy option of selling a cryptic music quiz instead of making things to sell or doing a sponsored anything. (p.s. if you want a quiz give me a shout and I'll e-mail you one.. might be a bit British though)

So I sat in the office checking statements pondering what we would actually do with so little time for preparation!?

I did what any intelligent blogging guider would do... and looked to the Internet for inspiration! On a guiders forum there were suggestions for Healthy Heart/Healthy Eating. One suggestion was to make smoothies.

So I legged it over the road from the office to Sainsbury's supermarket to buy fruit. They had kiwi fruit, bananas, nectarines, grapes, canned pineapple, apple juice, honey and yoghurt.

After a pow-wow where I explained the fundraiser to some pretty excited enthusiastic girls we launched straight into the messy stuff. It turns out that the local school is doing a push on health and healthy eating at the moment so they all know about their 5 a day fruit/veg and the other parts of the badge.

The girls passed out the fruit (2 bananas per six and then one of each other item) and they were to go into their groups and decide amongst themselves which fruits to use. They had to make sure they listened to each other and if there was a Brownie who did not like one of the fruits then they should avoid using that one. They chopped the fruits up (with a butter knife... ).

All the groups came up with a different recipe and with supervision (which slowed it down as I was on my own) whizzed it all up into a smoothie.

We had:
Nectarine, pineapple, yoghurt, honey and banana. This one was the least nice because they went NUTS with the honey while I was helping another six to blend up their recipe. They used too much and then later on I came round and caught one of them pouring extra honey in her cup. She was told immediately to go and wash it down the sink! (I tasted it for proof - it was like syrup and GROSS). When they added a bit of apple juice it was much nicer.

Grape, banana, pineapple and apple juice... .possibly kiwi too (can't really remember). This was pretty nice but mainly tasted like slightly lumpy apple juice.

Nectarine, pineapple, kiwi, banana, grape and apple juice. This was the clear winner. I think the kiwi did it - it was zingy and delicious. It was lucky that sticking EVERYTHING they had been given into a smoothie tasted good. It came from the slowest most giggly group of girls.

And as we finished and I was turning round to shout at the kids to help clear up now I noticed a big group of parents in the doorway! Home time so soon (not a moment too soon?).

It took me a good half hour to wash up and pack away but it was fun and hopefully if I do it again it'll go more smooth-l-ie with more grown up hands on deck.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

*yawns and rubs eyes*

I wisely listened to Turnbaby on Sunday night at 1-2am forgetting that I was in the office from 9am on Monday and Tuesday.... And I teach on Monday night til half 7.

It is now 9am on Tuesday. I am not in. Yesterday I was in on time and this morning I COULD NOT GET UP!!

Anyway - better be off before I get the sack. I'll come round to read properly when I can keep my eyes open again.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wordless (Woolly) Wednesday

See the cat pretending he's not really interested?

2 mins later....


The promise ceremony went ok - we just made a circle and I asked if they understood what it meant to make a promise and if they were ready to make theirs.

I tried to teach the kids the 'brownie smile' song but I couldn't remember the words myself if I wasn't reading them off the sheet so I could hardly blame them for not remembering either! So we didn't sing this one. They Brownies then wanted to sing 'Found a Peanut' but agreed to sing 'animal fair' first.

Found a Peanut is the most annoying song our Brownie pack have EVER learnt. Unfortunately they love it and once you've taught it you can't take it back. It goes like this:

Found a Peanut
Found a Peanut
Found a peanut just now
Just now, found a peanut
Found a peanut just now

Going ta eat it
Going to eat it
Going to eat it just now
Just now, going to eat it
Going to eat it just now

Got a bad pain
Got a bad pain
Got a bad pain just now
Just now, got a bad pain
Got a bad pain just now (got the hang of the format...?)

(repeat etc)

Call a doctor
(repeat as before)

Rip her open

Found a peanut
(repeat as in verse 1)
THE END never a moment too soon!

Hopefully all is well with you in Blogland. I have my first schoolday after Christmas tomorrow, after which I have a private pupil and trumpet tutoring at senior orchestra so it's a long one. COFFEE anyone?

Monday, January 07, 2008


Today's Manic Monday word is 'one'. What better reason to PRIORITISE?

So - on the to do list.

#1 - Prepare for Brownies - due tomorrow. Since the other leader quit tomorrow is my first SOLO promise ceremony. This shouldn't concern me, but as the parents are there and it's something the girls have worked towards for a term I want to make it memorable for them. ALSO I am REALLY frightened of speaking in front of grown ups. I don't know why. If I have a gig in which I must do presentation I have to really psyche myself up for it. It scares me.

#2 - TAX RETURN - this one is due 31 Jan.

#3 - Tidy my bedroom - it's a sh:t heap.

#4 - Sort out website for trumpet group.

That'll do for now - keep it an achievable list.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


I have questions for you USA readers about your political setup.

I wondered:
Why are there only 2 political parties in the USA?
Do you get to vote on policies your elected party put forward?

I only ask because it is so different to our system, where we have loads of choices of party but we have the House of Lords which is not elected and has the power to stop anything it does not like.

Also: (later addition to post...) I've finished my tea cosy (to go on the teapot we received as a Christmas pressie)! In the pattern it has a pompom on it but as it is multicoloured in the first place that would be unnecessarily fussy.
This is my first proper follow the pattern thing. As I have now been knitting for nearly a month I'm quite proud.

Friday, January 04, 2008


I was planning to tell you all that I'm trying to sort my plan out for this year which is why I'll be a bit quiet for a while.

However I have now realised my tax is due. Which means my procrastination and avoidance techniques will once more be exercised and I suspect I will write posts with greater frequency.

See you SOON.