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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The promise ceremony went ok - we just made a circle and I asked if they understood what it meant to make a promise and if they were ready to make theirs.

I tried to teach the kids the 'brownie smile' song but I couldn't remember the words myself if I wasn't reading them off the sheet so I could hardly blame them for not remembering either! So we didn't sing this one. They Brownies then wanted to sing 'Found a Peanut' but agreed to sing 'animal fair' first.

Found a Peanut is the most annoying song our Brownie pack have EVER learnt. Unfortunately they love it and once you've taught it you can't take it back. It goes like this:

Found a Peanut
Found a Peanut
Found a peanut just now
Just now, found a peanut
Found a peanut just now

Going ta eat it
Going to eat it
Going to eat it just now
Just now, going to eat it
Going to eat it just now

Got a bad pain
Got a bad pain
Got a bad pain just now
Just now, got a bad pain
Got a bad pain just now (got the hang of the format...?)

(repeat etc)

Call a doctor
(repeat as before)

Rip her open

Found a peanut
(repeat as in verse 1)
THE END never a moment too soon!

Hopefully all is well with you in Blogland. I have my first schoolday after Christmas tomorrow, after which I have a private pupil and trumpet tutoring at senior orchestra so it's a long one. COFFEE anyone?


kailani said...

That is a strange song! Could you post a video of you singing it? LOL!

An Island Life

Travis said...

The moment they find out it irritates grown ups, it's all they want to do.

CountryDew said...

I never heard that particular version of Found a Peanut. Ours went...
Found a peanut ...
Cracked it open...
It was rotten ...
Ate it anyway...
Got sick ...
Found a Peanut...

That is a cool memory for me. There was also this little ditty:

Peanut sitting on a railroad track
His heart was all aflutter.
Train came roaring down the railroad track
Toot toot! Peanut butter.


the108 said...

That's one freaky ass song.

Mother of Invention said...

I sang this song for hours as a kid and did it with my Gr. 2-6 classes and they always loved it! They also loved that "They say that in the army" song!

TopChamp said...

MOI - I don't think you'll see this now but what's the in the ''army'' song?