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Monday, January 21, 2008



I like accounting and finance. I enjoy learning the rules and regulations of the FSA.

HOWEVER I do NOT like doing accounts for my Brownie pack. There are several reasons.

- I hate having to bag up coin and hand it in to the bank.
- I hate that every time I do this I forget to actually take the bank details, so end up having to go again the next day.
- I most of all hate that the spreadsheet we now need to use crashes every time I try to type in a formula.

Why can Girlguiding Scotland not just use the same bloody form as the rest of the uk??

I also have to do my tax today as it's now really close to the deadline. Balls.


The Guider said...

You have my sympathy. The one and only thing I DON'T do for our unit is the accounts - my assistant does that.

Annelisa said...


Hey TC! Glad to see you in such good humour... I obviously came by at just the right time!

Reading through the last few posts, it's quite apparent you're having a lot of fun with finances at the mo... but have to admit the smoothie-making sounds great! Our local Tawny (she never wanted to become Brown owl) who I put you in contact with before last week celebrated 10 years of being our pack leader, and (I think) 13 of being leader including elsewhere.

Snowy Owl nearly run over a lad when she saw me in the street, as she stopped the car and did a fast reverse without looking, she was so excited to see a mum of an ex-brownie to invite to the party. As it turned out, there were quite a few ex-brownies there and it was a lovely surprise for Tawny!

Hope you manage to get those darn accounts done!

(((hugs))) to ya!


Travis said...

Weren't we having similar issues with tax last year at this time?

I'm planning to do mine early this year. We'll see how that goes.

Sniz said...

OK, YOU are an awesome, dedicated Brownie leader. You rock!

Mother of Invention said...

You'd think they would do things the same to make it easier but, no logic prevails. I love what you do with the brownies, especially the healthy food and neat crafts!!
HEY, Annelisa's back!!!

TopChamp said...

The Guider - I'm not jealous. honestly.

Annelisa - that sounds like such a nice idea. They barely pay any attention to such things in our region! I am SO pleased to see you btw.

Trav - I know. Maybe I should just do it in April when I get all the information in that I need... rather than waiting til the following January!

Sniz - I'm not really. I'm quite lazy but am trying to be less so.

MOI - I hate the beurocracy of GGScotland as opposed to UK. I actually think that scotland should be removed as it's more sensible to all be just UK but that would be quite unpopular up here!

Mrs Successful said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - you're so funny TC, though I know you probably don't mean to be! The Brownies are lucky to have you.