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Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hate Wednesdays

I'd do a Wordless Wednesday woollie picture except I'd rather have a moan!

Wednesdays are now my worst day of the week and I will tell you why.

I have to get up to drive my boyfriend to his work at 7.15am (7 miles South) before driving home (7 miles North). I have 1/2 hour in the house then before it's time to drive to my work (50 or so miles East). I work then drive home (50 miles West). I then teach in my house. I have to pick my boyfriend up from work at 6pm (7 miles South). I then have an hour until I start my work (1 mile West) so we can't really go home so we kill time. I teach for 2 hours while he drives home (7 miles North). At 9pm I am finished and he comes to meet me (7 miles South) and takes me home (7 miles North).

So on a Wednesday it feels like a LOOONG day and we drive 143 miles backwards and forwards.

AND I have to be nice the WHOLE time as I am TEACHING. Which makes me tired.

So I have developed a solution. We are looking into the possibilities of buying a moped.


Julie said...

Aww I'm sorry...I have to be nice all the time as I am talking to potentials contributors to my newspaper all the time. UGH!

Sometimes I just wanna whine and I do that to my nearest and dearest!

Poor husband!

Travis said...

That's a lot of driving. I'm glad I cut my commute to about a mile and a half.

Gattina said...

I got dizzy with your description ! North, South, North ! I never know where north and south is for me on the map it is above and below, lol !

Akelamalu said...

Boyfriend would have to get the bus, no matter how much I loved him! A moped for him sounds like a good idea! :)

Mrs Successful said...

You sound like a really good-natured easy going woman TC. In the words of 10CC "The Things We Do For Looovvve".

Waving my magic wand over your blog for your moped to arrive quickly.

Bond said...

like Travis, I am only a few miles from work, after years of 2 hour commutes

moped is a good idea except in the rain and cold

TopChamp said...

Julie - nice ALL the time?! But you do seem like a nice person anyway. I'm a bit um... can't think of a good word!

Trav - glad the commute is better for you. Moped moped moped.

Gattina - hope you're feeling better? The norths/souths were fairly approximate.

ak - I love that you realised straight away the moped was for him!

Mrs S - easy-going?! Ask your son about that....

Bond - The life of a freelancer is a bit travel-heavy anyway. I just take odd bits of teaching where I can get them.

kailani said...

That is way toooo long of a commute for you! You must spend a fortune in gas!

Sniz said...

A moped would certainly be the green choice and save money on gas but BRRRR!

the108 said...

Yeesh! Your wednesday's suck! If you get a moped can I come over for a spin???