one step at a time.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Well it's started! A disappointing beginning in Glasgow, after they showed the wrong flag to a very small crowd, but quite honestly the Olympics isn't really exciting us overly all the way up here. I received many emails asking me to take my youth group to see the football but I'm on holiday - and am enjoying it! No Brownies til next week.

Despite saying that I have been eagerly looking out for Olympians in my area after discovering we had some resident nearby in the run-up to the Games. Didn't spot any.

This morning I rang a bell in the car at 08:12 as did my other 1/2.

We will probably watch the opening ceremony, and he will certainly watch many events. I'll watch the odd one or two. I love the gymnastics.

Hope you are enjoying Summer.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun times

Getting a taste of what it would be like to only PLAY the trumpet for a living.

It's been a fun week so far - trio recital, school gig, baroque gig, symphony gig. Then from tomorrow I have 3 days of holiday!

Monday, July 02, 2012


Whilst I love playing the trumpet, I have just started the school holidays... and I'm busier than ever.

I have lots of practising to do - and gigs are coming up soon.

It was my birthday on Saturday, so I took a weekend off. I saw the date today, and my stress levels just picked back up to quite a peak!

There is a lot of house sorting to be done too - this morning I have done about 1/5 of the kitchen clearout. I have to start the spare room next, as I need to use it for the practising and I need to find some music urgently (that's where it's stored).

Next week I'll be in Wales, or York... so holidays are a'comin. Apart from the bits of the trips that are work :)