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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

it's my party!!!!

It's my bloggoversary! Ignoring my boyfriend (something which I am very comfortable doing) who does not think that a year of blogging is something to celebrate, I am taking suggestions from Bond and Travis who both seem up for a party!

Bond suggested a party. Trav volunteered to jump out of the cake (tossing walnuts?). Thanks guys!

I have party hats for you to wear if you stay and read. I'll have a cake ready too for those who make it to the end!
For a party these days it's usually a barbecue and some beers, but as the blog's a bit young....

How about party games? (The blog's only 1).

Meanwhile I have some entertainment for the grown ups. Whilst the ladies are lucky enough to have Travis and his walnut tossing, the gentlemen might like something too. (avert your eyes if you're a little person).

Just time now for MY cake!


Akelamalu said...


Here's to many more posts. :)

Bond said...


I cant see the videos, but will come back later ..and and and ...ummm 'Whilst the ladies are lucky enough to have Travis and his walnut tossing...'

ummm ummm ummm..whaddaboutme?

sheesh...pout..oh hell...I will take the party doll from the cake in the corner...

did i say


TopChamp said...

sorry love - didn't know cake jumping and walnut tossing Bond was on offer too. What a bloggoversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travis said...


**runs in and does a snoopy dance, juggles a few leprechauns, tosses some flaming walnuts**


Great party! Happy Bloggiversary!!

**snags a bit of CAKE**

Sniz said...

Happy One Year!!! Looks like quite a party with my favorite kind of cake...the kind that doesn't go to my hips!

david mcmahon said...

Happy anniversary. Barbecue and beer - we'll adopt you as an Aussie!

Julie said...

Oh my!

**scrounges around for some CAKE crumbs**

Did I miss the party?

Oh well...i hope it was a great one.