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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

First Aid

Tonight is Brownie night again.

This means I have jobs to do today. Fortunately I have a fab friend who is coming to teach my Brownie pack first aid tonight which gets me off the hook fairly successfully I hope!

I must: Buy bandages & bring squares of fabric with which to make slings.
Buy First Aid badges from the Guide Shop.

Think that's about it - how easy is that!!!

I also have some accounting to do so I'll get that done first.

Update: I have done all the stupid accounting and banking etc... only to e-mail Girlguiding SCOTLAND and find that they don't use the same forms as the rest of the UK now. So I have to do it again on the form they kindly e-mailed me. BAH.

Update a bit later still (nearly 10 o'clock): It went really well! We have a slightly reluctant Brownie - she's often really naughty - and she loved the night too even so far as to volunteer answers when we did the test bit at the end to give them their badges.

They got to bandage each other up and to stop bleeding, learnt to do CPR (although they were not really strong enough to push the breast bone down), learnt how to check for danger in an incident, to call for help etc and to keep someone calm.

It was great fun - and many thanks are due to my friend for her help!

I now have 2 weeks off Brownies - 1 week is school holiday week, the next week I have someone else covering the pack and my trainee guider is running the night. I am pretty sure she'll be fine!


Gattina said...

I can only say "have a nice day" with all you have to do ! I only have to go to the hairdresser and meet some friends this afternoon. One of the advantages when you are not working anymore, lol !

Bond said...

It is a wonderful thing you do for these young ladies....

the108 said...

Want me to head on over? I could be the dummy.

Akelamalu said...

Oooh first aid that should be fun ;)

Travis said...

Uhm...question...which one of them did you cut so that they could practice stopping the bleeding?


Julie said...

Oh're such a wonderful person to volunteer your time for this young people!

Good for you!

TopChamp said...

Gattina - I have a few more years to put in before I get to have days like yours I guess!

Bond & Julie - ha ha... mmm that's right - I'm fab. Thanks though x

Kyra - I can't imagine you'd stay quiet long enough. We had a kid as a dummy who just could not get the hang of unconscious folk not talking... I reacon you'd be like her.

Akelamalu - it was fun!

Trav - not the one I clunked over the head to practise the CPR.