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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

beurgh... not well today

Today I got up and went to Edinburgh to teach. I was hungry but didn't have time to get breakfast so had a naughty bag of hula hoop crisps on the road, with a petrol station cup of coffee (which is a bit grim generally). I felt a bit clammy but put it down to slightly damp hair.

I got there pretty early so did a bit of piano practise before my first pupil turned up. She came in just to say that she had forgotten her trumpet and as I have just had a tiny cold-sore I was not about to offer mine (no spare mouthpiece).

I went to get my second pupil early... to find that she was off ill today.

I then went to get my third pupil instead - and taught a lesson but came over with waves of nausea during the lesson (which I ignored as far as possible as I was teaching).

During the forth pupil's lesson I felt sick again - not massively but definitely not good. Fortunately this was the last one today so I could go home.

On the way to the car the feeling got worse. I had been feeling a bit sweaty too during teaching but hadn't really thought anything of it. On my journey home I had to stop for more petrol - and got cold sweats in the petrol station.

I have cancelled my evening plans today - as when I arrived home I nearly fell over with dizziness getting out of the car.

Now I'm sat watching telly still feeling weird. I feel hot but the hairs on my arms are standing up as if it's cold. I'm still dizzy/spaced out. And I am hungry again - which is not good as I'm not risking eating. Much as I hope that I'm just suffering from having such crap for breakfast I'm not entirely convinced. Might have a kip and see if that cures it.


Sniz said...

Wow! You sound sick! Is it the flu?

Travis said...

Nasty symptoms!