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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Blue Peter Giant Bunting Challenge

Here is one of our two entries. The other was just a big bit of fabric with our unit number on it.

Other news; I am in Birmingham  (more accurately Halesowen) this weekend having travelled down for a Welsh lesson!

Writing that down it seems a bit mad: travelling from Scotland to ENGLAND for a Welsh lesson.

It was good, but I wrecked it a bit by being hungover (unfairly.... Had some wine on arrival with friend and family but not loads and not that late!).  It is not an easy language to learn despite my many Welsh-speaking family members.  I really like it though.

There is a cockerel somewhere nearby! I am in a really built up part of Britain. Birmingham is huge and sprawling - there are houses as far as you can see in every direction. Halesowen is a separate town, but it joins up with Birmingham - or it appears to me that it does.

So it seems strange to hear a cockerel (at 5am).

I presume it is in someone's garden.


Jen said...

Lovely bunting, I didn't sign us up in time. And you're in Birmingham? Just 40 mins from me then. :-)

Travis Cody said...

Good luck with your Welsh.

I'm reading a book series now with many Celtic names in it. The internet is helping me with the pronunciations of the names. It seems like there are extra letters that make sounds I never would have thought of. Once I figure out how to pronounce them, so many of the names sound musical.

Ceridwen Heaney said...

I waved, Jen!

Trav - the lilt when speaking is very musical. Do you have internet radio somewhere? I have a phone app and listen to Radio Cymru sometimes. The music is awful but I like that I understand the odd word.