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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Catch up

Last time I posted, I was about to go in Brownie pack holiday as QM.

Well there were challenges: making 26 rounds of toast to go out as close to all at once as possible. I found there was a 4 slice toaster which was great.... Only on the last day as I packed up I found another 4 slice toaster. Eight at once would have made life easier. Oh well!

Of the 4 Brownie packs I had the only 2 homesick kids, but it turned out they were really just upset as they had been put in separate groups. Easily fixed.

The kids enjoyed it - reviewers last night liked watching a movie best (101 Dalmations - Disney classic of Brownies' choosing!).

Netherurd is a lively facility but too expensive for us really. Even without any of the cool outdoor sports activities and with almost free crafts (pine cone bird feeders) it cost £65 each. Given that we have a closer site with similar facilities costing £35 where we probably have money to pay for crafts too it's not worth the difference.


Travis Cody said...

Sounds like a successful trip, despite not finding the extra toaster until late!

Annelisa said...

Hey, TC, how're you doing?

I see at the top of the page you have a countdown for weight loss? Looks like you started that alright...going well now?

How's the brownies? Looks like you had a pack holiday recently...hope it was fun!

Thinking of you xx

TopChamp said...

Hello Stranger

How are you? (on my way over to your blog to see if you've told me there...)

yup started weightloss after diagnosis of polycystic ovaries in April (after a period that lasted 4 months... really didn't feel good!!) I think it is why I am awake at 4am today as it's a BAD bit just now - seems to go in cycles of being fine for months then feeling sh't for a few weeks. Have lost 3 stone so far. 2 to go.

Pack hol was knackering but yes I did enjoy it.

TopChamp said...

That's TMI isn't it!??! Sorry!