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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life & Routine

I'm getting old!

Lately I have felt I am losing the fun I previously found in my daily routine. I suppose this is inevitable.  I have worked I'm the same part time job for 6+yrs, worked in another for 2 yrs, a third for 3/4 yrs...

I have become lazy and complacent. I know what I'm doing and I find much of it easy.  I enjoy it well enough and I know I can maintain a decent standard of living doing what I do.

I feel dissatisfied because I do nothing to push myself. I have several ideas that I should follow up but am not sure where to start and so do nothing. On the flip side I am not stressed and have enough time to relax.

I fill my time with crafts and cooking. What happened to my career drive?
Is this what prompts people to start families? Boredom, the feeling of getting stuck in a rut? Or is it the natural development of a person, part of the aging process? Is it the realisation that you are now experienced, and the desire to recapture some excitement of seeing things for the first time?

I need to get out and learn some new skills. Take some evening classes or find a new job. I'm only 32 and might well have a good few years yet!

P.s.made chutneys - want to see?


Travis Cody said...

Ruts come and go. But a comfortable routine doesn't necessarily have to be a rut. I think it's all in how you perceive it, and what you choose to do or not do about it.

Mrs Successful said...

The maternal instinct kicks in when you want to start a family, so don't be fooled into creating something that's not foremost in your mind - it's not like having a notion to make chutney (though you're very good at creating).

They say you should develop your career after 7 years of working in the same place. Many will disagree - many work in the same place all their lives and find it rewarding - you might be one of them.

Maybe you are just in a comfortable rut. However, to challenge yourself, why not write out the 'several ideas' and put them where you'll constantly see them. Then you might decide if you should do something about them (or not).

There's no-one can give you better advice than you'd give yourself - just answer your own questions.

Incidentally TC I feel the same way as you, though I'm 65 and still getting old - and I can't start a family! xx