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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ashamed of myself!

Sat in my PJ's with a bowl of pasta, my laptop, and the Gilmore Girls the doorbell rang.

I shouted 'hello?' and the reply was 'It's the piano tuner'.

I then had to run round finding clothes quick smart so I could let him in. I had to admit that I had no cash (so needed to pay by cheque) and I had to clear the top of the piano with him standing there.

I was embarrassed!

My next act of genius was to take the Christmas tree out while he was there, so he could finish the job and emerge into a hall coated in pine needles.

This leaves me now with the exciting task of hoovering. Hoovering is officially my least favourite household task apart from cleaning hair from plug holes which I can't do without gagging. Even when it has to be my own hair. Bleurgh.

To look at the positives, I also have to put the washing on but have done most of the washing up already. Washing clothes is soooo easy. Washing dishes I quite like. Washing cutlery I don't like.

What's your favourite household task? Or your least favourite?


Bond said...

Favorite: cooking

least fav: bathroom

The Guider said...

Least favourite: ironing

Favourite: I have no favourite. I am just nooot domestic

Sniz said...

My least favorite thing is dusting. As far as hair in the drains, our shower drain AND our bathroom sink drain was so clogged that water could barely drain. He had to get the gross hair and dirt plugs himself. It took hours to get everything out and clean everything, and the smell! Gag, gag, gag.

TopChamp said...

Bond - Cooking? Definitely the best job. Bathroom - worst. Yup.

Guider - ironing I don't do. Occasionally I help my boyfriend but I own few clothes that require ironing.

Sniz - I have a plunger which I bought to use as a plunger mute.. now and then it returns to it's former life as a real live sink plunger. Don't tell my friends!!

Mrs Successful said...

This might not be the answer you were looking for but my least favourite thing with household duties is having a routine... you know ... like washing on a Monday, ironing on a Tuesday...I do things when I feel like it, and it all becomes less burdensome.

My favourite thing is when the whole house is looking relatively presentable because someone is coming to visit...

Get yourself a dishwasher - we only have a small one but s'wunnerful!


Akelamalu said...

I hate cleaning the bathroom but feel great satisfaction when I do it! Luckily that is now MWM's job since he retired! :)

TopChamp said...

Mrs S - No wrong answers - I was just interested in what you think. I get the routine thing.

AK - That is the upside!

Travis said...

I don't Hoover...I Dyson.


But I don't like doing it either. Although my least favorite thing is cleaning the bathroom.