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Sunday, January 11, 2009


This summer we are thinking of going to Canada.......... Have you been?

If you've been - how much did you like it?


Travis said...

I've been to Victoria briefly, but I didn't stay long enough to form an impression. I have lots of blogging pals in Canada though, and it seems a fine place.

The Guider said...

Have you been?

Oh yes! Toronto in 1998. Montreal in 1999. Ottawa and Toronto in 2001 (though that wasn't planned, it was getting out of America and back to the UK after 9/11). Toronto in 2002. Ottawa in 2003. Then we had Cheeky and could no longer afford the airfares but we dream of Vancouver one day.

If you've been - how much did you like it?

How much did I like it? Enough that while we were there in 2002 we got married!

If you need to pick my brain, let me know!

bon bon said...

toronto a couple times for me, once just this last september. both times we went for the film fest. which was fantastic! but toronto hardly represents a whole country. this would be like me saying i'm familiar with wyoming because i've been to chicago... what parts do you plan to hit?

a few suggestions would be to watch movies filmed in the area you wish to visit. or local libraries are full of travel dvds as well. good ways to get a feel for where you're going.

enjoy your trip!!

TopChamp said...

I'm very excited. Better make sure we don't mess this up......... We've never been but the plan (as it forms) is - fly return to Toronto or Halifax, take the tent. I think we should spend a week(ish) in Toronto in places with walls then a week on the coast in campsites eating fish.

I fancy the East Coast - New Brunswick or Nova Scotia for the food and Toronto for Niagra and underground malls.....

I watched a film with Alan Rickman in it - Snow Cake. Canada looks so empty!

Anndi said...

I'm Canadian :)