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Friday, May 22, 2009

All Better

Around 8pm last night I stopped feeling sick and hot, and today feel great! Still have a cold but my bones don't hurt.

While I was off yesterday I received an email from the Giant Sleepover 2009 confirming my Brownie pack has been given a place to stay at the SnoZone in Braehead in June. So this weekend I will start to get that sorted out!

Next week we are having an animal themed party night.

I haven't handed in my accounts (because I haven't actually finished them... oops) and must have them in by next Weds. Actually it's by a week on Mon but next Weds is better for me.

I have to defer my Student Loan. (did I tell you before how much I hate the Student Loans Company and the Labour Government for forcing me to deal with the Student Loans Company?)

I must email Glasgow council to find out how much it would cost to use the local school pitches (if they're free) for our Olympics, as it's close enough to walk to our usual hall if the weather is awful.

I have to put on hold the horse trip as the sleepover is possible now.....


Strictly said...

Glad you're feeling better and am so chuffed you won a special sleepover!

Bond said...

Happy you are feeling better...take it slow and easy...or you will have a relapse..