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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brownies Friend to Animals

This week was my first Brownies back after 2 weeks off... and it was great. My pack are lovely.

We started their Friend to Animals badge with a view to finishing it at Pollock Country Park one Saturday, where the girls can find out about working horses.

I need to:

Work out what sort of times would be good for this
Contact the park
Find out about minibus hire.... which we might not need to do if the mum who works at the uni can borrow one.
Write permission letters

It's been a while since I used this place for my to-do list!


Strictly said...

I love using mine for a to-do list, helps me sort stuff out.

Minibus - I know I'm being a killjoy but there's a qualification that you need to have to be allowed to drive a minibus for's in the manual's ok if you hire a minibus with driver but if you/someone else drives it, then you need this qualification.

Strictly said...

You know what, I just looked in the online manual and I can't find it. Maybe they dropped the requirement?

TopChamp said...

I'll check. Thanks x

That House said...
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TopChamp said...

Olga - I am sorry I deleted your comment coz it had my name on it but I have done it and will send it.

That House said...

I am so excited! Thanks!!! Be well!