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Friday, July 11, 2008

Brownie Camp

We arrived on Friday night, they heard the programme and discovered they'd have chores (groans all round) then had some sandwiches and biscuits with juice. They went outside for a torchlight wordsearch, which wasn't in torchlight because we only had a couple of hours of darkness this weekend, then came in for story and bedtime stuff.

They giggled and chatted and giggled in their dorm until one of the guiders moved in and settled on the lower bunk making them sleep.

On Saturday morning I awoke to more giggles and squeals. I checked my phone: 5am!

The other guiders were seemed able to sleep but I can't do that - I'm a wake up get up person. So I went through.

"Hands up who knows what time it is?" No hands.
"twenty past........... FIVE"

Their faces dropped! They knew they were in trouble... but still giggled when I left the room.

So I got my sleeping bag and told them a couple of stories: one about good brownies who go to sleep and do lots of fun things with their refreshed cheerful guiders... and one about bad brownies who stay up all night and spend the day doing chores and cleaning, becuase their guiders are too crabbit to go out and play.

They all just giggled at me, and a Brownie from another pack responded "you should've brought those other Brownies then". Somehow I don't think they take me very seriously! It worked though, and they dropped off again very quickly.

I went back to sleep and woke up again around half 6, which is fine as they were to be woken at half 7.

On Saturday our Harry Potter theme meant we could fit in a visit from a man with owls. Real live owls. IT WAS COOL!!!!!!!

In the afternoon they had a trip to the loch. A treasure hunt. I may have taken them slightly the wrong way as I had no idea how to get there, and neither did the guider who took a group 2 mins after me. We weren't lost though.

Otherwise, we did some crafts... sang a few songs... had a party where they entertained us with a fashion show and some comedy sketches then we entertained them with a Harry Potter magic show.

On the last day the grown-ups have to clean the house so the Brownies spent a fair bit of time playing outside.

What impressed me most over the weekend was the way the kids from 3 different packs all mucked in together and made new friends quickly. They all behaved really well and made the weekend enjoyable for all of us. They got their Brownie Holiday badge and some goodies and I am pretty sure they all went home very happy.


The Guider said...

Ah you were indoors - I'm putting indoors down as easy peasy lemon squeezy after camping with my lot!

Sounds like you had a good programme, and my beasties do exactly the same as yours when we are away, with the not sleeping. They don't dare complain about chores though because then they get the next toilet duty transferred to them - it's a good trick that really works!

BTW on the pampering you mentioned on my blog, have you looked at Aim Hi? There's a hand massage thing in there that we plan to do next term, looks fun and relaxing.

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all, apart from being woken at 5.10 a.m.! :)

Sniz said...

Hi Girl! Good luck with the mushrooms. Hey, I'm going to send you a picture of a stinkhorn phallic impudicus I found in my research. You won't believe it.

Anyway, how much darkness do you have and what are the temps this time of year?


Travis said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

CountryDew said...

Sounds like fun, really. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Bond said...

Glad you had fun with your troops...

Queenie said...

Just popped over to see how you are, and as usual your busy doing the great work you do. I hope to open my blog up again soon now mum is getting sorted out, I will visit again when I do, till then take care, and keep up the good work.