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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Boring and Mundane

I checked out the BBC website as today is national blog day (or something like that)... They are looking for people to detail their Tuesday with as much boring or mundane detail as possible. I think I can assist - boring and mundane come easily to me.

At 9.10am we were woken by the postman. Today is a day off for me and my boyfriend, and despite his mother's phone call 'heads up' which did give us warning that there would be a delivery today we had failed to take heed.

I checked my e-mail. As I'm self-employed it's the first thing I do every day. I'm always hopeful that someone will be offering me a gig or looking for lessons. As it happens I was in luck.

Got dressed, did teeth etc and headed off to the post office to pick up a recorded delivery letter that was not delivered as we were both out.... nearly a week ago. It was quite important that we pick it up today, as they only hold recorded delivery letters for a week before returning them to the sender.

It turned out that the letter contained documents I which I had last week posted to a new school I'm hoping to start work at after the October holidays: passport, driving license and the form returned to re-complete, as I had written 5 digits above the white boxes rather than in them. If this doesn't demonstrate pedantic bureaucracy I don't know what does.

Then began the exciting day of CLEANING! The floor in my bedroom is now visible. The clothes we picked up are mostly now in the washing machine or tumble dryer thanks to our cat who enjoys rolling on any fabric within reach.

We also sorted out our car insurance - managed to save ourselves £300 making us pretty happy. There's an advert at the moment which has a slogan 'quote me happy'... I never thought it possible.

The afternoon was taken up with me practising the cornett whilst Paul occupied himself reading, listening to music and playing Word Krispies on the internet.

I cooked lasagne with home grown beans for tea and have collected a few apples from the bottom of the garden with which to make apple crumble once I have mustered up the energy.

As to the evening’s entertainment: CSI was on TV tonight - a double bill! After playing 'guess the storyline' for an hour or two we're shattered. And so to bed.


J-F Le Falher said...

Nice cornett !

Annelisa said...

'Fraid you wouldn't do so well with the boring and mundane - this was too well written to be boring! (Ok, so it was about the mudane, but curiously that was fascinating... sort of like spying on you for the day :-D )