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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We all have a bad day now and then...

On chatting to my boyfriend about his ranting (below) it appears that I hit the nail on the head earlier. He manages a plant area and was inundated today with customers. Usually he copes well with this - enjoys it in fact - but today it got on top of him. One example he gave me was a customer who asked what was wrong with their plant. He asked her if it was planted in a sunny spot. Her answer: Only in the daytime.

I see his point. I sympathise. My day however was pretty good. It's half term up here so I have no pupils to teach, or playing to do until Saturday so the only requirement for me for Mon-Weds this week is to practise... and practise some more!

I got up early, so had plenty of time to gear myself up gently for the day. I had an opticians appointment this morning after which I needed to go into the city centre for some shopping.

I run a Brownie pack, and we are having our enrolment ceremony next week for all the new Brownies. I went to the guide shop as I had volunteered to get the badges they need (- quite a lot!) I bought 21 six emblems, promise badges, 3 sixer and second badges and 21 interest badges. I had about £20 worth of pound coins which I collected as subs last week.... Guess how much the badges cost... Guessed? £45!

So after I'd raided our last pennies to lend to Brownies til next week, I headed home to have some lunch and practise all afternoon.

This evening has so far been spent checking my wee brother's blog, typing this, and discussing the benefits and downfalls of the binocular over the monocular.

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Annelisa said...

Blimey, that costs a lot for a few little badges!