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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Day 1 of the experiment

People annoy me. I don't want to make a grand sweeping statement... but it's a general point. They do stupid things. It may not be intentional, but they still do them. Perhaps they think they have to, or they should, but if they just took a moment's reflection it may make all the difference! I wouldn't like to let them know I'm annoyed - what would be the point? You'd have two annoyed people, double, so I let them go unawares. For example: People who decide that everybody wants to hear their opinion... Why would I want to listen? If I wanted their opinion I would ask for it. Another thing which I really hate is when people say 'That's what's wrong with the world today'. There's nothing wrong with the world today. It's perfect - or as good as it can be, so be happy. And stop being so bl..dy stupid!

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1 comment:

Annelisa said...

too right! we should all appreciate what a wonderful world it is... but I guess there is room for improvement...