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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

Posting this early as I don't want to get up tomorrow - First day off since January 8th.

Thirteen Places I've lost my phone keys coat or instruments.

1. I left my purse in a public toilets in Wisconsin. It was handed in to the bookshop next door by somebody nice!

2. Purse - Outside the nearest corner shop. I got home to find it missing, drove back, looked for it when a lady came up to ask it I'd lost my purse. She returned it. I opened it and found that I had actually dropped it getting into the car, then reversed over it. All of my credit cards were left with coin impressions.... They don't work with dents in.

3. Purse - Trader Joes pub in Glasgow. I asked my boyfriend to go back for it while I waited in a chip shop with a friend. He got back to find the pub closed (which wasn't surprising as we had left when they chucked us out)... so walked off. On his way back a drunk girl asked him for a cigarette. He doesn't smoke so said 'no'. She slapped him in the face. He then said 'Do you wanna slap me again?!'. Obviously she did - as she accepted the invitation. I was RAGING and all set to storm after her but her friends were already dragging her back to apologise.

4. Last February we went to New York. I lost(/had stolen) my phone in a pub there whilst watching Wales beat Scotland in the Six Nations on a Sunday morning. This time I was not lucky and they ran up £60 in call charges before I could stop it.

5. Coat - When I got back to Scotland straight after the trip I left my coat in Dundee....

6. So now my phone is in New York and my coat is in Dundee. I had a gig in Aberdeen.... where I left my keys. Phone in New York, coat in Dundee, keys in Aberdeen, TC in Glasgow. Ideal.

7. Some months back I took a walk along Broughty Ferry beach. It's absolutely stunning and I had a great time drawing pictures in the sand. On the drive home my boyfriend's phone went. It was my mum who had received a call from a lady who had picked my phone up on the beach. She posted it to Glasgow and didn't leave any return address or phone number for me to be able to thank her properly!

8. Trumpet! - I left my trumpet in Argos in Manchester before my audition for the music college there.

9. After a cornetto gig I stopped for a Chinese. The next day I found I was missing an intrument.... Sure enough it was in the Chinese restaurant.

10. At the moment (freezing cold weather) I have no coat.... It's currently in Carlisle where I left it at a friend's parents house.

11. On a previous occasion I left my phone in a pub where I knew the barman. He took the phone and put it behind the bar. At midnight a man went up to the barmaid and asked if anyone had handed in a phone, describing my phone. She handed it straight over. Blatant stealing by the man. Coppers didn't want to know.

12. A few months ago a lady came and knocked on my door with an old purse in her hand. I hadn't seen this purse for months so was most surprised to see her with it! It turned out she had moved into a house nearby and had found this purse chucked over the wall of her garden when she cleared it out. Needless to say there was no money in it... but I don't think there ever had been. I think the purse probably dropped out of the car one night and I didn't notice - so someone must have come across it in the street, nicked the cards and coins and discarded the rest.

13. HA HA HA! - I can't think of a thirteenth for me but I have a funny one from Christmas this year that I can borrow from my brother: He left his credit card in Game (computer game shop) in Milton Keynes. He phoned and found that they had put it in the safe overnight but that he could collect it whenever. He asked Mum for a lift back to the shop. She made him take the shop staff chocolates to say thank you! He said that the bloke he handed them to looked at him like he was nuts. I LAUGHED A LOT!!!!!

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My Marrakech said...

Egad your forgetful! Do you have insurance for your instruments?

TopChamp said...

yes but I'm not sure it would cover being left in a Chinese or busy shop....

Annelisa said...

Bestest EVER post, TC!!! had me cracking up! I'm always leaving stuff places - bag in jumble sale (and yes, it did get sold!), purse in toilets somewhere in the Scottish Highlands beginning with 'P', coats - yep them too, no musical instruments though (funnily enough...)

Thanks sweetheart - you really cheered me up!

Sanni said...

Hi TC! I´m here via Leanne´s Special TT edition. It´s kind of funny your comment was above mine because I would have visited you anyway... I liked your last TT so much I thought I had to come back. So, how many students did forget their instruments during the last week?! =)

I´m sorry for your casualties, although I have to confess, you´ve put a huge smile on my face (by the funny way you wrote it down)-I´m still laughing at #6 (Oooops, sorry)

Do you have any idea if the Chinese and your cornetto are having fun together? =)

I´m "not good" at loosing any kind of goods. I´ve lost my purse once... (when I was a kid) and I got it back - an old couple (I considered them to be old when I was a kid) found it and sent it back.

The cuff links (No, not hand cuffs LOL) my grandpa had handed my down are gone... This is a bit mysterious... I got no idea how it happened, because I´ve never worn them...

And a few years ago some burglars have had lost of fun in my flat.

I can´t remember if there´s anything else I´ve lost, I guess not... But I´ve learned today better NOT to take chocolates to say thank you if I will ever loose my credit card in a game shop! =)

Thanks a lot for playing...

best regards from Germany,


Sueann said...

TC - As Always....hilarious!!!!!! Love reading your blog!


Darla said...

Oh, ouch! My worst losing-my-purse story was in a bin of purses. I'd set it down to look at the other purses and inadvertently buried it. When I realized what I'd done a couple of hours later, it was still there--luckily nobody had decided to buy it. :)

Teena said...

What a funny list though I imagine it wasn't as funny at the time. Good luck on keeping your things sorted in future!

April Decheine said...

Hmm, I use to loose my keys when I traveled, but only INside my hotel room, it was never a big deal :-) But I haven't lost stuff for awhile..

Chickadee said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets stuff. I've left my camera in some odd places. Oiye.

My 13 are up.

Katie McKenna said...

Your post is so funny. I rarely carry a purse - just stuff cash and driver license ( for IDing my body I think) into my jean pockets or my bra or sock. I usually travel by foot or horse so rarely need keys. Lately though I have been misplacing my camera. I like to carry it in a purple Crown Royal bag so I can find it easier.

Turnbaby said...

Great list--personal and cool. I lost my purse once--i couldn't breathe it was so skeery. Luckily it was found intact and nothing missing. Of course there was that time i left on on the roof of my car. It was not a pretty sight seein it fly off via the rear view and explode on the highway.

The German Girl said...

Wow, this is hilarious.
My mother-in-law bought Gincko Biloba once for her forgetfulness. Well, needless to say, that she FORGOT where she put it and had to buy another jar. :)

Travis said...

That's hilarious!! It's no fun to lose, misplace, forget, or have your stuff stolen, but it's good you have a sense of humor about it.

The sequence of events in 4,5,6 - priceless!!

that frolicsome kid said...

Hahahaha, they're really funny TopChamp! =P I cannot remember the things I have lost over the years, but I certainly was upset even though they are replaceable. =P

I remember my mom who lost her wallet in Malaysia (I wasn't there by the way). It was horrible because her IC was in the wallet and my siblings' and my pictures were there. It also happened to a few of her friends. Fortunately, her wallet was retrieved by the Information Counter. The guy said that it was found in the toilet.

Surprisingly, all her sensitive and precious belongings were left intact, IC, credit card and photos. The money was gone of course, but no matter. =) Thank goodness it's now in her safe hands, even though her friends weren't so lucky.

mr le marquis said...

Hello "Top Champ",
I received your comment on my blog today!
Yep, I'm an original from Paisley, now in the South of France, you know, where the sun always shines!
If you go to:

you can get links to my other sites on the Web!
Williamsborough primary was my first school, some 55 years ago!I used to walk home passing through the "Kilburn Cricket Ground" and this aroused my passion for Cricket, unusual for a Scotsman!
I'm amazed it still exists!
Do keep in touch, and let me know what's happening in the old country nowadays! I haven't been back to Paisley since leaving in 1953!
(iwmpop) mr. le Marquis.
(PS - I'll leave you a joke now and then, but always on a Thursday the 13th!)

CountryDew said...

That's a scary list! I would be in a blind panic. You must be pretty lucky to get your stuff back most of the time.

TopChamp said...

It's really bad - but you really do get used to it.... so I dont find it as scary as I probably should!

Jill said...

Put GPS on your stuff!!
REvisited the place you have lost stuff(an excuse to travel!!)
Last weekend, I've lock my keys in my car, and I've lost a ring my parents have bought me, awhile ago!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, TC! I was going to suggest you get a purse like mine, but then I remembered that what you Brits call a purse, we call a wallet. So nevermind.

We need to get you leashes for your stuff, though. Multiples. Think you'd remember to use them? *wink*

Have a great week. Yep, we are still keeping the TT fun going! Come join back in! :D

Rashenbo said...

Lol... sounds like you need a fanny pack instead of a purse! Something that is attached to you when you leave the house! :)

I'm a little absentminded sometimes too and I've left things around... sunglasses on the back of a public toilet for instance! :)

Have a lovely weekend.

mom23guys1girl said...

You don't understand why I find Spongebob funny when you lose so many things? You have to have a sense of humor to have four kids and a lot of patience to watch silly tv shows. Liked your list. Maureen

Leanne said...

Oh my gosh! I don't think I'd take anything detachable with me if I had your luck, or lack of luck - however you look at it! LOL

Thank you for playing the TT Special Edition Meet & Greet!!

amy said...

what a neat list..Since we have been married, I have lost more money, cell phones and keys than my husband can handle! What a fun meet and greet! Have a great weekend

Uisce said...

Hello, Leanne sent me! I am so paranoid about losing things that I hardly ever do. I did have a mitten fall out of my coat pocket a few weeks ago. still very upset about that. it was a nice mitten. Happy TT-ago! :)

Jess said...

It's so nice to know I am not the only one leaving stuff everywhere.

Thanks for visiting my 13!


Pen said...

My sister-in-law is that way with her purse and keys!

Next time you are leaving a purse in a public restroom in Wisconsin stop in and say!

Thanks for visiting my TT! I stopped by yours yesterday, but got called away from my computer. Then never made it back to comment on your TT!


Mother of Invention said...

Man, you've lost a lot of stuff but for the most part have run into honest people and have had them returned.