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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Now!

Well - we're just back from staying in a very authentic Scottish pine wigwam! It was great.

We had nothing to do but walk and relax and sleep. We arrived late on Sunday evening and left this morning - which really meant we were there for a whole day on which we could actually do anything. We stayed in Strathfillan, which is in Stirlingshire.

This was the view from our window (see above window picture.... below actual view from window)

Yesterday was our only whole day. We walked to Tyndrum, had a pint, looked around a bit, walked home, built a big fire, burnt sausages and marshmallows, had a few drinks and a cup of tea, went to bed.

These pics are from the walk.

Not exactly action-packed but we were both suffering a bit from winter blues and non-stop work, so really wanted a quiet break. We got exactly what we wanted!

Today we've just taken a scenic route home - stopping off at a couple of lochs on the way. Look at the pretty rainbow! These are all pictures of Loch Lubnaig.

We forgot the camera so I've had to use my photo phone to get a few pictures of the area & our walk. It's absolutely beautiful! If you're ever up here - Stirling & the Trosachs is definitely an area worth a visit!

It seems a fair few people have been and left me comments while I've been away - thank you!


Wes said...

Wow, you're right! The Loch looks totally different in winter! I'm glad I went in summer though.

Thanks for dropping by my blog!



Mrs Lifecruiser said...

OH NO! Did you have to show me these gorgeous pictures???!!!! See what you did: now I wanna go to Scotland again! At once!

*dreamy sigh*

Annelisa said...

Ahhhh, that brings me back a few years - fantastic photos, TC - It looks so gorgeous there.

I take back all I said about you being completely bonkers - you're only half bonkers! :-D So, looks like you both had a nice, relaxing time... what a wonderful view you had from your window as well!

You know I studied in Stirling? We used to go up in the hills round there all the time... I'm feeling a bit homesick right now, looking at these pics ... I think I'm going to have to come back and visit Scotland again... it's long overdue anyhow!

You must have a pretty good phone camera - pics are mini-minute when I take them with my phone!

btw - your guy looks a little like my brother in law (and, once again, you're ducking out the picture ... saw a comment on the last post about showing more of your face :-D)

Sanni said...

WOW - great photos. I´d love to be at Stirling and the Trosachs right now. So, it´s not too far away... =)

Oh, and I´ve tagged you with the 5 things MEME over at my little place!

Dixiechick said...

Absolutely breath taking... thank you so much for sharing.

Travis said...

I must go there!!! Those pictures are wonderful. I can only imagine what it must have been like to actually be there.

We have some fantastic scenery here in the pacific northwest, but dang!! Thanks so much for sharing those pictures.

Annelisa said...


...just taking another look....

CountryDew said...

Wonderful photos! I am enthralled by that scenery around the lake.

Anndi said...

Absolutely beautiful!

You have a lovely eye for composition.. kudos!

Janean said...

OH what gorgeous pictures! You did those with a PHONE? WOW
Scotland is truly beautiful. Reminds me alot of Oregon. :D

Mother of Invention said...

These are so peaceful loooking and warm! Ours are all frozen and filled with snow!

Katie McKenna said...

ooohhhhh stunning pictures!!!

My Marrakech said...

A wigwam! How fantastic. I bet you were very inspired by Pocahantas when you were little.

PS That last pic is breathtaking.

Mother of Invention said...

We have a Lock 26 on a canal here in Canada! And my husband played rugby for years for toronto and they went to Whitham, England for an exchange.

Annelisa said...

*sigh* again...