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Monday, June 01, 2009

Summer Olympics

Tomorrow night we're having a Summer Olympics at Brownies. I actually think this would be something fun to do with other units, but we're going solo. It's our last night for Summer.

The plan:

After they all arrive & pay subs we will hold an opening ceremony - all the sixes (teams) will march around the hall and out to the grass with a flag bearer for each six. We will light the ceremonial torch (tea-light in glass) and then the Olympics can begin.

We have 5 events.
Discus (frisbee)
Shotput (beanbags)
Shooting (water pistols into plastic hoops held by leaders... they're gonna love that one)

We will allocate points throughout with winners for each event as well. We will then hold our medal-giving and closing ceremony with juice and biscuits before home time with end of term letters.

This is probably the most organised I've been all year. Hopefully I'll remember how nice it feels to know exactly what's meant to be going on and we'll stick to the routine next year!


Travis said...

That sounds like fun!

Strictly said...

So cool - my lot LOVE Olympics! They're going to have a blast, good on you!