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Saturday, February 06, 2010

re-upholstry... the TC way

OK - to set the scene. TC is not a skinny girl. She needed to change a lightbulb. She picked the least solid item of furniture in the room then stood on the central point.

The piano-stool did not make it through the ordeal.

Saddened by the casualty TC embarked on a mission to resurrect the seat.

This is the result.


Kelloggsville said...

I really like that - the material would be bad in the wrong place but it looks so right there.

TopChamp said...

Kelloggs - ha! I love it too. It is garish and in your face but I like that.

Bond said...

nicely done

Mrs Successful said...

Brilliant! Different, but brilliant. xx

TopChamp said...

Thanks Bond & Mrs S - I am proud!