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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Very Belated New Year!

Well the year started very well with a lovely long weekend in Crianlarich in a rented house shared with 4 good friends.

Crianlarich is beautiful.

Holiday highlights:  Food was wonderful and company excellent.  We won a pub quiz!  Then found out it was meant to be for the coach party only, and we weren't supposed to have entered.   They let us keep the prize (see photo!)

We walked approx 10k from Crianlarich to Tyndrum over the hills through lots of ice.  It was really hard!  And fun.  Many sections of the path were thickly coated in a sheet of ice.  The ice was very slippery.  We also had to cross 4 frozen rivers (would have been fords had they been running so you could step over the shallow stoney ground! Instead they were ice rinks which one of our friends crossed on her bum!).

So now it's back into the grind, and as ever it's tax-return month so I'm avoiding doing it by pretending to be far too busy... which means I can't blog.


Jen said...

Crianlarich looks great, blog when you can (and by the way, paying an accountant to do my tax return is the best £120 I spend all year)

Travis Cody said...

That place sounds amazing! Now get those taxes done!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Cool trip...glad you enjoyed