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Friday, May 13, 2011


For several months I've been concerned, because (how to put this delicately so as not to embarrass anyone) I've been 'up on the blocks' (thanks to Mrs S's December son for that analogy) for 4 months without much of a break. A few days off at most.

After 3 months I went to the docs. Of course it should have been sooner. Really I should have gone years ago when I became aware that my cycle was a bit weird.

Anyway, with the Royal Wedding and the other bank holidays it was weeks til I got the results.

The result is that my hormones are wrong (probably due to polycystic ovaries) and I am now on a medically-required diet. They won't treat the symptom until I lose a lot of weight.

SO... life is now about counting points and checking calories/fat.

On one hand I know I should have done this anyway (and had started half-heartedly dieting weeks ago), but on the other hand I am angry that I don't have a choice and angry that the treatment is witheld.

Thus far it has been quite fun, but when it comes to the next 69hr working week it might be less enjoyable to plan and prepare healthy meals.

I will just have to work it out when it comes.

Next week will be a bit of a trial run at that, as it's Brownie pack holiday next weekend and I can't get any time off work to prepare for it... late night shopping trips and a mid-week dash to Loch Lomond will test my willpower.


Jen said...

((Hugs)) - good luck with it (all!)

TopChamp said...

Thanks Jen. I'm going to get a bike.

Mrs Successful said...

I like your weight loss ticker, TC. I'll be an avid watcher. You might not find looking after yourself quite as difficult as you might imagine. Go easy on the pints, especially in front of the Brownies!

Sorry to hear you're having problems and that your body is in revolt (instead of being revolting of course). I hope your 'visitor' disappears sooner than later (that was the terminology when I was young). Yes December son does have a way with words!!! xx

TopChamp said...

Mrs S - I've been right off booze! Felt pretty bad - sick, faint, tired - on and off (which is good really because if I'd continued to feel ok despite the 'visitor' I'd never have gone to the doctors). Anyway - booze has been unappealing, but I have had a glass of no added sugar wine today. (VERY dry but very nice).

Travis Cody said...

It's tough to have to try to change your habits this quick. But on the bright side, it's only 24lbs according to your ticker. And on the better bright side, at the end of the road is treatment.

Take care!

TopChamp said...

Trav - That's just a more realistic target.... it's higher. Feeling better already though - more positive.