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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Last night with some of my older Brownies... boo hoo!

11 of my Brownies are old enough to go to Guides in September.

As I was writing their Adventure certificates this week I felt quite sad, as it feels like no time ago since I was writing their Promise certificates (they get these when they join)!  

Still I am pleased to be sending the Guides a great bunch of girls, and am sure they'll love taking over the Guide unit (as I think there might be more of them coming in than the Guides has already).

The Guide leader is very happy to be getting them back, as she took the Rainbows which many of them were part of when they were littler!

Which reminds me - I need to email her their details.


Mrs Successful said...

Your "ticker's" looking really good, TC. Stay strong. xx

Travis Cody said...

That's a lot of girls sticking with the program. Good on ya!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

You did your job...preparing them and giving them a love of the program which resulted in their wanting to stay.